16 April, 2018

It's MONDAY! 16 April 2018

Where do I start... this is really a challenge when I sit to write these posts.  I wonder what matters.

I haven't received my new (refurbished) computer tower yet, so all those questions are still passing through my mind... over and over and over and over again...  I keep wondering if I will need until Christmas to get it to operate!  :-)

I saw an exercycle on a Habitat ReStore post today... no mention of the price.  I wondered if it worked. 

There were some great videos on YouTube to watch... I'm looking for one thing and find a bunch of other topics.  I am finding it so amazing how different each presenter is. 

I found a guy sharing how to screen print t-shirts and he explained it so good... pretty much, anyway.  His name was ....something... Carmichael.  I think the video was from 2012, or something in the past like that.  He showed how to do the emulsion the best I have seen so far.  Now I want to get some of the real stuff and try it out.  He actually used sheer curtan material for his screen.  That will be interesting to try. 

I found the most amazing t-shirt artist that works with little cones of color and fancy lettering shapes.  I was so very glad to see that one... I never would have thought it was even possible.  I save the video to my account, but don't recall her name.  I can still see it in my mind... I can't wait to try that!

What else did I like... well, I think I want the BROTHER Scan-n-cut 2 for my crafting space... and one of the die cutting machines I have seen.  They will really help me create my original designs.  Julie Fei Fan Balzar was acting as the spokesperson for them, demonstrating a lot of the different details of owning and using them.  She is the hostess of MAKE IT ARTSY, a program I found on OPB here in Portland.  I try to watch it when I can.  That is where I saw the PROXXON hobby machines for woodworking.

Got the little bag sealer finally. It has NO ENGLISH on the package :-) so I had to figure out the right size of batteries and how to make them fit.  It wasn't too hard, but I did think it funny.  We get so spoiled.  I often wonder how hard it is for people who don't speak english here... and how terrible it would be for me in another country.

Once I did get the batteries in the right way, it was like instant HOT!  I will try it out on a bag soon.  Maybe this will be my answer to portion control!   (Not likely.  haha)   I will say I was truly amazed at how quickly two small AA batteries got that sealing metal hot.  I think I might be tempted to buy another set.   Maybe another brand to see the differences.

Now that I have a bunch of my food making supplies, I may get to making some of the items I hope to sell in time.  I need to work out a record system to know what products I get and where I get them... so I can order more of the items I like.  :-)

I continue to pray for GOD's mercies on my finances, so I can move my dreams along a bit faster, feel more secure, and get the space I need to function... and all the equipment that is required.   PRAY for me.

That's about all for now.
Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May the GOD of all send just a little bit of the universe my way.  Thanks.  Amen.  :-)

PS - I guessed on some of the links above (OPB and BROTHER)...   :-)

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