05 April, 2018

Thursday, 5 April 2018

I hope we do better with our posting process today...

I guess I am still thinking about the issues of race, humanity, the future... these are very deep topics for all of us.

The stock market seems to keep going up, then down, then up, then down... interest rates are something I don't see as an investment option... you don't get a return on zero percent.  It is my understanding the rate increase issues are for charging interest so people can get a loan? 

On NBR the interest on US Bonds, that you buy and hope to make money from over 10, 20, and 30 years, seems to be from 0-3%... which, I will admit, I don't yet know if it is yearly or over the course of the whole bond commitment.  One percent is an earnings of one dollar per hundred... If you invest $1000 in bonds, you get a whole $10 for whatever term is valid.  I should confess that I watch it because I have been trying to figure out a way we could save our country by doing something with the debt... and, I think, bonds (savings bonds) are the only option for the US government.  I am not sure, but I think those are the bonds that get sold whenever we need money to run the government for one more voting period.  Those are the bonds everyone else owns, like China.  I think we need to reform our priorities for taking money from foreigners.  My view is that ONLY American citizens should own our debt... we can work deals better with our own citizens... having China or any other country own our debt puts us in a compromising situation.

I guess there is no guaranteed investment vehicle, but I decided a long time ago to invest in people... through Working Together, which was suppose to be more viable than it is.  I have it all planned... we invest in new business efforts, and they provide income for the future.  I have a lot of other details to the plan, which I don't want to deal with here, but it will rely on GOD, on our choices of who to invest in, what to invest in, and what they want.  It is kind of a stock buy, but not the same as a Wall Street purchase.  :-) 

Buying land is also on the agenda for WT monies... so there will be places for members to live, when that time comes.

What else... I can't remember right now... but the whole purpose of WT is to provide for its Christian membership first, then the Public members who need it, and then everyone else.   Sounds like a good plan for America, too... provide for citizens, then visitors, then the rest of the world.  Of course, WT has a benevolence process, too... so charity is part of the program... that would be taking care of the poor in American budget language.

How would I invest my own money... the same way, I suppose.  I expected to eventually earn the ten percent required by the stock regulators as distributions of profits.  Since WT is for the Christian cause, I planned to use personal funds for other kinds of programs that need help... things that aren't Christian in their foundations, but do good works in preserving the world.  Who know what they would be.

Anyway, that was part of the plan.  Now, after all these years, I wonder what GOD will allow me to do.

I think I am lamenting the way things are, and have been for so long.  I hoped to change these problems.  I didn't care what the status quo was, I just wanted to get the directions changed, to start the process of moving in more godly directions, and save as many families in the process as I could.

I suppose this is the difference between dreams and reality, between poverty and those in places of power, between good and evil... etc.  We all start out with dreams and goals, sometimes they are just regular life goals and sometimes they change into monumental historical goals... but things don't turn out the way we want them to.    I often say that no one plans their "trial" in life, the thing they have to face and overcome, grow through, fight against... but every one of us has a battle that we face.  These are the pivot points that change our lives, our goals, and the things that matter to us.

Poverty changed my life, led me to Working Together, and keeps me searching for answers to help change this suffering for the future, for others.  Kids with addictions changed my life, led me to discover prison issues from juveniles to adults.  Homelessness changed my life, and led me to search for reasons why and how to stop the pain it causes.  Discovering the Bible changed my life, and led me to find there is a Truth that isn't always shared in every denomination... that we all have to find GOD's Truth on our own, because we will be judged by it when that day comes.  I suppose there are more things that changed my life dramatically and forever, but those are the ones that keep popping up as at the top of the lists.

What changed your life?  Where did it lead you?

Let me know...

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May GOD touch our lives and make us have good dreams, overcome our hardships, and help us to mourn what we lost and then move forward.
May we find our happiness in things that matter, things that are important, not frivolous fads and meaningless possessions.
May we be brave enough to believe in what GOD made us to be... and to trust Him as we walk toward His goal for us.
May we love others as much as we love ourselves, or better than we love ourselves if we haven't discovered our worth yet.
May goodness rule the day, with honesty, with kindness, with truths that are important, and with generosity and gratefulness.

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