12 April, 2018

Thursday, 12 April 2018

I guess I have been too long on the internet... a lot at Facebook today... after lots of food prep.

I tried a version of making chili based on a recipe I saw on YouTube (avantgardevegan - also a .com) and my own plans for chili... it turned out pretty good, but was way more than I wanted.  I ate two servings and have four more in the fridge!  I think I will freeze at least two of them, maybe three, as I have two salads to eat up and other foods that can't be frozen.  I am already working on how to downsize this recipe.  :-) 

My issue, I think I have shared before, is what spices to put in chili made from scratch.  The recipe mentioned above used cumin and oregano and... I think.  Cumin seems to be a SW spice... I'm learning how to use it.  I've been searching chili recipes for some time now, so they all have their "secret spice" choices.  I put in some pickled jalepenos so I didn't put a lot of other peppers in this batch.  I tried a little of my cinnamon sugar, too.  :-)    Usually I put lots of my homemade garlic salt in my foods, but this one I didn't... when I ate it.  I am happy it turned out so well, and not spicy hot either! 

I'm trying to develop two spice packets to sell later... one for salsa and one for chili.  It may take awhile.... I'll let you know when I get there.  :-)


Did I tell you I finally decided to buy a computer tower to do some computer work...  I was researching prices all over the place on Amazon last night... just seeing what was out there, checking on shipping costs, wondering if it was a good idea... so I found one that was in my budget and seemed good...  I ordered it, and I am PRAYING it will be a good deal for me.  It has wireless capabilities so I don't know if I will have to buy a new keyboard and/or mouse or any other "added" items.  I'm wondering if I can hook it up to my printer.  Lots of things I don't know about, but I am desperate for a real computer system so I hope this works out.

Buying as many supplies as I did this month has changed my budget, but I will be able to get more done in the long run.  I have over half the month to be busy here at home doing as much as I can.  :-)  

I have been going over the lists in my goal notebook today, deciding what to focus on.


Toby Mac had a message post on Facebook today that made me comment back... it was the verse on where we put our loyalty, possessions here on earth or doing works that will be recognized in heaven.  In the writing of my comment, I shared the view that our limitations often keep us in places we would not stay if we weren't limited by GOD... and I have been thinking about it since I shared it.  We know things are true, but we don't think about them all the time.  I have experienced these issues with GOD in the past.

I guess I should add that I prefaced all this detail about limitations with a comment that many people think rich people are out of the will of GOD if they don't share all their bounty with them...  the idea that Christians are not suppose to have any wealth (possessions) because they must be coveting if they do.  :-)    I was trying to add that GOD gives us what we need to fulfill HIS WILL at that particular point in time... whether poverty or abundance.

I suppose the key is good works to be done with what GOD provides us... to remember that it has a purpose in our lives and the purpose is not just our comforts.   It has always been a prayer focus of mine to find the balance between what is reasonable to have a decent life and what is too much... what needs to be shared.   I have made myself poor more than once, and suffered in some of my learning curve mistakes, but I would not change the process.  It pushed me into creating Working Together, to see that there is a better way somewhere out there, where we help others and still have a decent life ourselves...

I think I added something at the end of my comment about how difficult the issues of money are.  They are so hard to reconcile with.

But I can't control the world... or GOD... or anything else really.  I am busy with all the details of my survival and searching... I think GOD will provide as He sees fit.  I try to understand that process in my life and let everyone else figure out their balance.  In the end, we will all stand in judgment for what we do, and don't do.


I guess that is enough for today... I'm ready to go do something else.  :-) 
I'm still thinking about my "treasures" and GOD.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

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