02 April, 2018

Monday, 2 April 2018

My machine is dealing with very slow processing today...  I hope I make it through this posting effort!  Just wanted to warn you...

Today... busy... ate too much!  Made a new bread recipe that is going to need some changes  :-)  but I refuse to throw it away!  It is in pieces, some hard crust, lots of good stuff in it... I see croutons, and I may microwave some cheese on it and then top it with salsa --- eating it with a fork.  :-)  Creative eating.  And trying to save the money I spent on ingredients.  I am already deciding how to change my recipe for the next try.

Received my BUTANE order early!  It was suppose to get here on the 10th.  I like it... doesn't happen that often!  Tomorrow I will try to figure out my butane torch for my craft projects.  I don't want to open my metal clay until I know what I want to make with it... or some kind of an idea.  The videos I have seen make the piece you get look very small... It can be rolled thin, but I am wondering if I will only get one or two finished pieces out of it...  I glued some of my old playing cards together today to make more of the depth guages metal clay is measured with.  I guess they used playing cards as their standard way back when.  One card thick, two cards thick, etc.  I purchased one of the size 3 rolling aids with the kit, I made sizes One, Two, Four, and Six.  I have to find more cards to do the other sizes.  I thought it was funny they didn't have a size Seven in the catalog.  I will start with the size three, and decide from there.  I gues the shrinkage is 10-15% with metal clay.  I have to learn what that means.

Also received my scale package!!!  It is going to be great!!!  I have to figure out how to store it so it won't get damaged somehow.  It has grams, ounces, pounds, pounds and ounces, and mililiters (approximated).  I am moving into the use of it as I figure out what I want to make and need to measure.  I have some books and other items to sell, so I may see what happens with them on the scale.

In a twist of discovery, I found some camping equipment I had already, but didn't realize it.  I found my Sterno camp stove and a metal wind guard I gathered on my path.  The emergency camp stove I bought arrived in today's package, too. It is so small, but perfect for a backpack or small collection of emergency supplies... kind of like a small first aid kit.  I will save this one for my emergency supplies.  I need to look for some sterno now.  I will have three options, if I need them.  When I was homeless in my van, I created a "stove" with tea lights (5) in a small circle pyrex dish with a small grate over it.  I was amazed at how well it worked.  I still have the ceramic bowl that was my cooking and eating dish... it is a planter, and still has the burn marks on it.  Memories are good to keep... to remember what you have been through... to keep yourself from thinking you are better than those who are still suffering on the street, in their cars, in the bushes, and anywhere else.

I was a bit surprised by the parchment sheets I ordered.  They came in a small box so I assume they are folded.  I haven't decided if I want to open the box yet.  Maybe I will just put it with my emergency supplies.

Been working on my paper mache projects.  That is a long-term effort... trying different options to see if I can create something worth selling.

The news had an update about all those adopted kids that died or are missing (presumed dead).  It is bad enough when people kill themselves, but to kill innocent kids who could have finished their lives somewhere else... it has me so sad.  I always wonder what the unknown story is... the why... I don't know if we will ever find out this time.  The news if very unclear about the details... about which kids are still missing... except for the one who was viral on the internet.  I wonder if he was crying because he wished he could ask for help from the policeman.

The Russia/America conflict was on TV today, in the form of the movie RED OCTOBER.  We have moved into an internet war, which is very different from the past.  I am wondering what will happen... eventually, someone will show us.  :-(

I guess that is enough for today.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May GOD help us to prepare for the unknown future... protect us, provide for us, and show us how to stay true to what is good and what is godly... to preserve our souls when persecutions grow and become painful.  My prayer is to gather as many Christians together for sharing resources, protecting each other, and fellowship.  May GOD help me to accomplish that destiny.  Amen.

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