13 November, 2017

Monday, 13 November 2017

Here we go again... having to start over because of a computer issue... everything disappears, and I have no idea why!  If someone is causing it, I hope they get really spanked by God!

I was trying to share my weekend with you...

I actually went shopping both Saturday and Sunday because that is when it had to be done.

Saturday I went out to see a local Christian church-based bazaar that is held every year and has grown large over the years. It is near a local mall and is held on the same weekend as another large annual community gift/food event at the downtown Convention Center. I had hoped to see the downtown event but I was already too worn out by the church activity.  I think it took me three hours to go through all the booths I could see... and then go back and buy a few things.

This is my year to check out local bazaars.  Eventually I want to sell at a couple of local craft fairs or similar events.  I have decided to look for a good Christian venue and also a good community venue.  This would be for the Christmas selling season.  As I age, this will be more than enough I think.  I will also be busy with online efforts.  If my health lasts, I can keep going.

Since I paid for a daypass on the bus, I went to a few more stores before heading home.  I had a Michael's coupon so I wanted to see if they had some of the jewelry tools I am looking for.  They cost a lot for my budget, so coupons are my best option at Michael's.  I spent a lot (for me) but I got some good items, including some storage pieces for beads and findings and other small pieces.  I want to go get more as they seem to be a good option for me.  I also bought some of the supplies I need to finish projects I am working on.  If they turn out OK, I will try to list them for sale online.  That is my goal for this week... finishing these projects and listing them online.

I also was able to get to the Dollar Tree for ten other items I really needed... and that included my Christmas cards for this year.  I love to send cards at Christmas, and the price is good for me.  If I could afford the expensive ones, I would buy them.  This is fine for me.  I use to make my own designs every year... a bit different than a regular card, but I loved it.  One of these years I will do that again.

Shopping is hard for me right now... it really takes me several days to recover from an effort like Saturday, but the opportunity to get food on Sunday (with a car ride) was too important to pass up.  So glad I did.  I will be set for awhile now.  I still have about $20 left until next month, plus some Farmer's Market money, so I can use those if I run out of things. I have been attached to the government for too many years, but every month is still a challenge.   I guess I figure a big lottery win is my only way out of this if GOD doesn't provide through sales of WT products.

I was catching up with some newspapers over the weekend.  One of my poverty proposals is for the government to maintain land and housing for low-income households, with the government owning the land and the household owning the "improvements" on the property, like housing.  I read that a local government is planning to sell one of their low-income properties to a developer (as they look for money for other things that governments like to do). 

The news article mentioned that some of the residents are seniors on retirement incomes that will never survive off of government housing.  Permanence is so important for these individuals.  It doesn't help to punish people who have no other options.  If they were paying the traditional 30% of their income as a purchase payment, they would be building equity for later, have the stability they need, and be able to create the life they want for themselves and change the units to fit their lives. 

This change of administration would change everything about low-income housing options.  The housing program would become an income program for the government (instead of a subsidy program) and an asset-building program for the residents.  When one low-income family leaves, they can sell their unit to another low-income family that has been pre-approved financially. 

I have written about this option before.  The newspaper stated that the county here was an innovative leader when it built the housing project, so maybe they can lead the government into a new way of operating homeless programs.  I hope I can reach the people who make the decisions on these topics.

I also tried to share my excitement about putting up my Christmas decorations, but I am to tired to repeat all that now.  I will try to post some photos at my Facebook page/s and share some of the details tomorrow.  Until then...

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

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