08 November, 2017

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Such a day...  I was able to bake my salt dough creations, in a couple forms (cut-outs and silicone molds), to see how they would turn out... developing my products... and will try some more, maybe tomorrow.

Also baked another batch of FIMO shapes... still developing these product options.

Got out my supplies and tools to see if I can make something all done and ready to sell... will also have to dig for more supplies tomorrow to get those done!

Worked on some new food ideas, for more soups and salads to eat.  I guess we get into food rutts, and have to work to try new ways of eating the same basic foods.  Getting better on my calorie options... one bread instead of two, no bread instead of one... and hitting all my basic food groups.  Still trying to decide on how many of each is OK for me... based on a few different eating plans.

Love my later eating plan (to 7pm), but have been eating too much in the wee hours, and after my deadline and before my starting time of 4pm (right now).  Trying to get back to the beginning plan... not sure Christmas is helping me.  With my food group plan it doesn't seem to matter, but I still think it is better to have that no eating period for my poor body to regroup.

I must be trying to feel productive today... all these accomplishment details.  :-)

I'm having problems with my technology options, so that is a killer for me... always causes problems.  I'm praying about the most important thing to try to buy this Black Friday.

Still crying over the church shooting every time I see something about it.

I have entered the final section of Joyce Meyer's Battlefield of the Mind book... Lots of great sections to think about, would like to quote them more, but I have to get better at taking notes while I'm reading.  It seems to be hard to do.

My prayers are continual... for the same things... and I am still wondering how GOD will make Himself known in the answers.  Evil people don't seem to fear GOD, and they should.  I guess the worst consequence is eternity in hell AND the Lake of Fire, but it is hard to fear that reality when you don't acknowledge that GOD even exists, or think you will somehow escape it.  I am believing GOD for the souls of my sons, and others I know.  I am counting on His Power to intervene in their lives before it is too late.  I am hoping to find my own way through all the increasing sins that attack our lives... how to do it? I don't know.  I keep looking for answers as I wait for GOD to provide the enormous sums of money needed to create a place for Christians.

Well, we may be like the children of God who were forced into the fiery furnace, willing to die but knowing GOD has the power to save.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May the GOD of heaven, and all of the universe, be kind to us today.
May He save the ones we love.
May our lives become forever changed by the salvation of our souls.
May the lost become interested in finding out the real truth for themselves.
May we become a better nation, a Christian nation, a nation that doesn't live on fear and acts with wisdom and mercy and faith.

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