01 November, 2017

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

I stayed home today, from my favorite sale at the Salvation Army, because I really didn't have money to spend. 

I have been working on my "still left to buy" list since last weekend.  It keeps getting larger and larger.  I don't think I can get all of it, so I am making a list in priority order now.  I have to get to the store for some things that I am out of, so I want to get as much of my shopping done as possible.  Less trips, less spending.  That is the plan, anyway.

I happened to listen to Georgene Rice on KPDQ (.com, I think) radio today as she updated the status of microchips being put into human bodies.  We know that it is coming to the human population because they already put it in our pets.  I did hear her say that the technology isn't capable of processing every part of our lives yet, but it won't take long to develop it.  Technology is doubling, tripling, and more as we speak... something like that.  The innovation is coming faster than ever before.  The Mark of the Beast is near.

You should be able to find her programs online...

The rains have started here again.  I was busy today with raking clean paths for me to walk, sweeping the porch by my room (and upper deck) to get rid dangerous wet leaves, before they happened.  I tried to make a safe and warm and water resistant pet bed for the cat.  We'll see how it went in the morning.  It's her comfort zone outside.  The upper deck leaks water like a shower, so nothing is dry down on the porch here... where her bed has to be.  I have it outside my window to keep an eye on her, when I can.  I think she likes the cardboard box up high on a table, she sometimes sits and watches from her perch.  I am thinking a small dog house might be the solution for this cat home in the rain problem... I have to go see what they look like... somewhere.

I missed my shower today... aren't you glad to know that?!  :-)   Sometimes I just get busy with my household stuff and don't get around to it.  I don't think I sweat enough to make it a serious issue.  I think my small world will survive when I let it gooooooooo a day or two or three.  (I always refer to the fact I heard about soldiers in WWII... some of them didn't shower for 6 months or more!  --  They survived.)

I also burned my popcorn today... what a mess.  It still stinks.
The smoke alarm should have gone off... It didn't.
It checks fine.  I guess it takes more smoke than I thought it would.
I always expect them to be sensitive like other ones I have had to deal with, ones that go off for steam clouds.

I made more popcorn later on... twice.
I wanted to make sure it didn't harm my popcorn courage.  :-)

Tomorrow is expected to be a busy day.  I will let you know how it turns out.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May God be with you as you seek Him, and bless your efforts to find His Will for your life.
May the world be better than it is.
May we find a way to stay kind in the midst of growing problems.
May our hearts be filled with love, and joy, and happiness.
May time be our friend, help us to heal from our hurts and overcome our pains.
May the Bible be protected from any who want to violate it.
May our lives be focused on God, on goodness, on becoming better.
May God provide what we need.

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