02 November, 2017

Thursday, 2 November 2017

I would like to ramble on about the tax issues in America, and the problems with both the, all the parties, but I won't... not today, anyway.

There was a lot of concern over the change in the leadership of the Federal Reserve today.  I keep wondering who profits with this low interest.  I keep trying to understand how inflation has a bearing on the level of interest the FR decides on.  I keep wondering how we are going to find a way out of this money pit we have dug for ourselves.

Yes, I am part of the problem, but not because I want to be.  Welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, now Medicare affordability issues.  It wasn't the life I planned.  I kept trying to find a way out of it.  If it wasn't available, our situation would have been worse.  I keep looking for better solutions from my perspective, and people in charge of the process, in Washington (DC) and elsewhere, are looking for ways to end poverty programs.  Everyone has a part of the picture, but no one sees the whole puzzle.

That may be why puzzles are so big on my list of favorite things... relating them to the parts of an issue.  I recently bought a silicone version of a puzzle to see what I could do with it!!!

One of the speakers in one of the news reports I was listening to today said that very same thing... that each affected group will be attacking Washington legislators to defend and keep their particular special interest item.  It's always like that.  No one seems to care about the whole of America, what is right and wrong, what principles need to be encouraged, who needs help and how to get it to them, etc.

Naturally, I have my own view in that mix.

I keep wondering if I am really a special interest group of one.

Do I just want poverty programs, do I want a balance that will help as many as possible, or do I only see my needs... I don't know.

I have written about my views, given my suggestions, tried to reach that "someone" who would be able to do what I can't afford to do... in my income level you are just a victim of everyone else's decisions.

My ONE TAX proposal is an example of what I think is fair, right, necessary, important in our tax issues. 

When I saw the new proposal for tax levels, heard again the "soak the rich" argument, listened to the party arguments for and against the changes, I got angry.  This is not what our country was created to be.  The government needs money to operate, but how much is enough?!   We are all citizens of this country, we need a tax that is paid by everyone, at the level of their wealth, but fairly.  When did we decide the rich are more responsible for the survival of the country than everyone else?

I guess I did run into my tax anger anyway.

Christmas Bazaars start in November... the first one I can get to is this weekend.  I may go.  I hate the rainy weather these days, so I avoid it when I can.  I lost my wonderful raincoat one day and haven't replaced it.  I want to check them out this year as part of my plan to sell in the future.  I am looking for one Christian venue and one community venue.

I keep seeing these Facebook posts about people making thousands of dollars selling things... drop-shipping, I think.  I have no idea how I can find a product or products to drop-ship, but it is definitely on my list.  I am trying to pick up the process a little at a time as I go along with all the other selling options.  One of these days it will all come together and produce income for me and for WT.  Right now I just keep trying to find the way I can reach that goal.

I didn't get as busy as I wanted to today.  :-)   I decided to re-polish my fingernails and that turned into a nightmare!  I will be getting to all those things this weekend.

Time to get going.
Until next time,

In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May God be kind to me... and help me to reach the goals I have been working toward.  :-)
May this weekend be filled with good things for all of us.
May our lives be better than they were.
May the mercy of God, the love of Christ, and the salvation of souls be plentiful.
May our lives be our own.
May time show us the wisdom of biblical principles.
May life be filled with goodness and joy and peace and all happiness.
May we find our purpose in this life.
May heaven be the place we meet.
May God provide what we need.
May we need only those things that are important.
May our values be true.
May we make the right choices.

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