06 September, 2018

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Here I am... up again after going to bed earlier... wandering around with nothing to do, but not able to sleep again.  So... lucky you, I am going to try to post something here.  :-)

I did a lot of my yardwork challenge the past few days... and it takes a toll on my body... I end up just wanting to go to bed and not caring what is happening in the world.  :-)  But then I remember my lists.

I discovered a property in Texas today... I guess T Boone Pickens is selling a magnificent piece of land.  Only 250 million dollars.  I think I will go ahead and write a check!  haha.  It's in east Texas.  I went through Texas one time on my faith trip, along the Dallas-Fort Worth trail.  East Texas was the green side I think... well, one of the sides of Texas was like desert and the other was greenish.  It was quite an experience.

I recognize the name, but don't know what made him famous.  The land materials said it was the oil industry.  It also had information about how much his childhood was part of his motivations.  Life affects us, for good or for bad... but it is a burden we all carry.  It seems the end of life is catching up with him.

One thing I see in the lives of the rich and famous is the need to invest their wealth.  This is something I have talked to GOD about all my life, in one form or another. I think art and other collectibles are fun (at my small level, which is just trying to save the memories of my lifetime), but I would have a hard time spending millions to acquire them.  I decided it would be too much for me.  I eventually decided that investing in people would be better, especially for the future of Working Together.

If I had 250 million dollars to pay for the Pickens property, I would check it out and talk to the man, and then buy it if it seemed useful for WT.  I think owning land, and his conservation of what he has built over his lifetime, are both essential to the future.  The details are also important.  It has to work for the people who will need it in the future.

I keep thinking about his lifetime effort.  I would think he might want to die there. I would.  I don't know why he is selling now, but I assume it has to do with the changes of age and income.  None of us can take our possessions with us... no matter how wonderful they may be.  We die.  Someone else gets all our toys... all our dreams... all our things.

I am also filled with wondering thoughts toward GOD about WT... always.  I wish I understood the purpose of all these past years.  I recently heard something online that was really good to remember... the idea presented was that we can't count the dots looking ahead, we can only count the dots looking back.  (I just remembered, I think it was the Steve Jobs commencement speech...)  It is true, no matter how you say it.

I once looked back and talked about the pivot points we see from that perspective, how we can see that everything would have been different if we chose that other path, the other choice, the other direction.  BUT, we can't know what the future will do with our choices.  We only have the details of Today to go by.  We all do our best, I think... at least, I hope so.

So, it's almost midnight.  I better end this to beat the Thursday deadline.  :-)

I hope you are making all the best choices and that they will lead you to good places and good people and good futures.  If they don't, just keep trying to find the best way forward from where you are.  It's all we can do... one day at a time.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May GOD help all the good people who love Him and want to do good things for good people.  Amen.

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