12 September, 2018

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

What a day...

Food prep to make room in my small fridge, to use up the old foods and make new meals, and eating too much along the way!  That is how it goes!  :-)

I'm still working on my budget crunch for the month, and spent more money that I didn't plan on.  :-)  Christmas is getting real, and my gifting list for every year is beginning to get figured out.

Yesterday I discovered that my favorite elephant group in Africa has a calendar for sale at eBay... the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has wonderful posts to see on Facebook... I hope you will look at them.  I hope to paint some elephant pictures when I can get a group of photos to use as a guide.  I can't afford to foster one of the elephants (or more), so I made the leap and spent the money to get one of their 2019 calendars.  It was my first eBay purchase at an international level... and it is expected to take a month to reach me!!  :-)  I discovered the difference between UK funds and USA funds...

I am so excited to have one of their calendars.  I decided it was an early Christmas present for me.

I also decided to purchase three badly wanted used books at Hamilton Books (.com)… before any other purchases were made!  I use this site for all my inmate gifts.  They are one of the few sites that is reasonable, can be searched by paperback category (essential for prison gifting), and ships at a reasonable cost (now a flat $4.00 per order).  They don't put the publication year into the information, but I haven't received a bad book... only great ones.  Of course, I am picky and try to choose carefully.  The older ones can have great information to glean from the pages.

One day soon, I will be learning how to make clogs, Negotiate With Giants, and write better.  :-)  I am looking forward to it.  Each book was less than $5, but that is high for me... I usually get my books at the Salvation Army Thrift Store for $1 or less... but it's been hard for me to get out anymore.  This will have to do.

I discovered scribd.com today, and lots of their books and other media are like thrift store offerings, so there is still a lot to be said for old books.  They also offer audio-books.  I found this link when I read an article about tax issues for retirees and wanted a copy of the tax info offered.  I still haven't decided what online book/media source I will end up with.

My Fire tablet is owned by Amazon so it may become my Kindle Reader... I'm still thinking about that.  It wasn't a purchase that worked out the way I planned, so I'm looking for a Plan B for it.

This is how things "evolve" in our lives.  :-)  If at first you don't succeed, try, Try, TRY again!!!  (My version of the old saying! haha)  The internet says it was made popular by a man named William Edward Hickson around 1836, but the origins are cloudy.  I thought it was a Shakespeare quote!  :-)  We learn new things every day, right?!

My other budget-busting purchase was making a donation to get a "free" booklet about budgeting.  I think they call that irony.  It's called Financial 30 and it is suppose to be about a 30-day plan for improving your finances.  I have a growing collection of materials from different sources about budgets and debt and other similar issues... I thought it was something I needed to add to my collection.  Crown.org is a good group, and I am beginning to explore their materials when I can.  I was aware of Larry Burkett (the founder) when I was younger.  Here is a link I found just now ::  The Family Budget Workbook by Larry Burkett (1993 in the details).  There may be other items at Crown.org

Following my wild spending spree, I had to recover my financial plan.  SO, that is what this morning was about.  I still have to finish that chore.

There is always something that needs to be done.

I wonder if I will EVER catch up... I doubt it.  :-)  I was looking at Time Management aids when I was exploring the Scribd website... One tip I found in comments at a page was "do the hardest thing first" and then the plan to make a list of over a hundred things and just get them done.  I have heard these ideas in some version before.  It was a great reminder... and will be helpful for my list-making goals.  :-)

So, that is it for now... the rain is still here, and seems to want to stay, so staying indoors will help me get my lists pared down this week -- I hope.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

In my prayers these days, I am crying out to GOD for change... for the provisions I need to get things moving, for the ability to control my circumstances, and for the opposition to be overcome.  I am praying for my sons' souls to be found again.  I am hoping to see the world get better.  I am praying for a way to make things better at a lot of levels and in a lot of countries.  I have a big dream, and I am hoping my big GOD will provide for it soon.  Amen.

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