13 September, 2018

Thursday, 13 September 2018

It was tempting to let this go, to stay in bed and try to sleep... I had to have a nap earlier.  :-)  But, I was wide awake in a few minutes, so I got up.  Napping seems to be a requirement these days.  I remember reading in business articles awhile back that a "power nap" helped busy executives to recharge mid-day.  I don't have to feel bad about this. haha.

So, it's Thursday.  It's still a rainy forecast.  The weekend is near.

I was able to catch up with some of my budget issues.  How I will get through the rest of the month - that is going to be the challenge.

I received the packet of materials I ordered from Samaritan's Purse Shoebox program for the holidays.  It has become my "insert" for September, so I am beginning my monthly letters.  That will keep me busy.  I am almost up to 30 letters now... and still need more family addresses.  I see this "senior project" is going to be a long challenge, but I hope that I will one day get letters back in the mail... once GOD deals with other things.

No news today.
I did read some articles from yesterday's local paper.
Naturally, I gravitate to the ones that show the slow, ongoing, demise of our country.
I find so many of those... it makes me very sad.

My food challenge is getting difficult.  I do think I bought too much fresh produce.  I will have to see what I can save by freezing it.

Life is different for the poor, I hope my sharing the details of my life help others to see that the challenges are long... by the month as well as by the day... simple and complex... very repetitive and depressing when you want to do so much more.  I often wonder how people in other countries deal with their poverty, which seems to be so much worse that the USA version.

Hoping for that big money win, I keep trying to find ways to make change possible for all the poor all over the world... especially Christians.

It's hard to know what the future might hold, so I hope for a better life.

I suspect all those other poor people do, too.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May the GOD of our hearts help us to see His love for us, and how it is part of our lives.
May we see the difference between the work of GOD and the evil of Satan so we can make the right decisions about this life.
May we learn to be better people.
May our lives have meaning in the long historical view.
May we help our country to be great again, because it is filled with good people.

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