04 June, 2018

Monday, 4 June 2018

Another week is here...  I wonder what it will become.  I tried to do some work in the yard and I did too much.  So tired. Makes me ill.  I may need to set a timer or something... or focus on just one task for each day.  I cleaned up several boxes of debris then made some more to clean up... vines, ivy, trees and bushes... boards to cover holes in the fences, getting ready for the big burn day that will one day get here.

I found a dead blue jay baby in the grassy area today... I wondered what animals around here look for baby birds... I have only seen squirrels, but I didn't think they ate live things.  I thought squirrels and bunnies were veggies, and that the nests would be too protected for hawks and owls.  Not sure what else would get them, and leave them in the grass.  The little bird will be cremated in the big burn.

I am broiling more foods in my little toaster oven.  I tried some of my fresh pineapple chunks over the weekend... they were good!  I'm making more potato fries.  If I had more food, I would do more broiling right now.  Toast is a big thing right now. I will be trying to broil some slices of cauliflower this week.  It won't quite be like a BBQ, but it will work.  I think pizza may become a menu item this month.  (Remember, I am reducing my animal foods, so I only have one 8-ounce pkg of grated cheese a month these days.)

The social agenda is in the news today because an American citizen was allowed to follow his conscience in his work.  It is becoming a gay tyranny in America -- more each year.  I wonder what it was like when the Nazis were rising to power... the attacks against the Jews, and anyone supporting them, are the historical lesson we have.  It is something we need to remember.

The oppression of the acts of homosexuality and related choices was not done without reason.  There are so many other actions and choices involved in the decision to become a gay, lesbian, and otherwise.  It is often initiated in sexual abuse, which is illegal.  It is not a harmless crime.  The decision to disagree with this lifestyle choice is the right of all people... including the choice to make a cake, provide flowers, or any other business decision.  There are lots of other options available, but to make a legal case, the activist gay has to engage the refusal of an earnest faith.  Is this a hate crime?  It would be if the positions were traded.

It won't be an easy future for any of us...  the Bible tells us what the end result will be, but not the path to get there.

Our world has a lot of other problems to deal with... forcing submission to the issues of the growing gay categories is not one that is at the top of my list, or other people's lists.  I have said before that the only thing that seems to matter to this group is their genitals.

I guess the answers need to solve the problems of more than one group, which is small by comparison.  I know what it means to be homeless and try to find a restroom.  Restrooms are important for all human beings.  Public restrooms are the responsibility of public businesses, like the transit systems of every major city, which can take hours to get from one place to the next.  Transit systems avoid the issue because it is costly to maintain, to keep secure, to provide safety.  Even so, it is something that needs to be incorporated into the budget as a non-negotiable.  And it will solve a lot of other problems in the communities where major transit systems exist.

It is a difficult thing to be different, in any way.  These are the consequences we have to accept... and find solutions for... without destroying the rights of others.

I guess there is no easy path.
I hope we find a way to make the world a better place without hurting each other.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May GOD help His people as the world becomes a place where the Antichrist will rule.
May we all discover ways to live without attacking others... in ways that are hidden, open, or with agendas to destroy.
May our lives become worthy of  GOD's blessings.
May we become more than our genitals, happy with our DNA, and not afraid of GOD's Truth.
May life be better tomorrow than it was today, and better for all of us.
I pray we don't lift ourselves up by tearing others down... that we fight about issues, not individual people... and that we create solutions that are acceptable to all parties.

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