22 June, 2018

It's LATE on Thursday, 21 June 2018

I am starting this post at about 11:40pm -- having gone to bed earlier, and been roused about 10:45pm.  I wrote some of my monthly letters and decided I better get to this, too.

I have two relatives that do photography.  I came across a free guide from 2017 through teachable.com about 17 ways to make money online and thought they might like to see the page about selling your photos for $5 each.  I have no idea if they already know about it, but I made a copy of that page and sent it to them.

I still need to check out the site myself.  I am assuming they offer photos for people to use with online creations... maybe products... probably for advertising... whatever stock photos are used for.  I don't know if they let the photographers follow their photos after selling them to this site, but it could be a great way to see what sells, and later I thought that attribution with the photos might be a link back to them.  I have to find out what they really do... I hope it isn't just buy the photos and your connection to it is GONE!  :-)

Teachable is an online course-making site.  I eventually want to get into those kinds of things, after I get my products figured out, so I was checking on it.  I think I was listening to a business video with a link, or it came through an email.  I am learning all these connecting options as I look for info for myself.  I see the missing parts more easily... and will remember them when I get to my own creations.

They offer a lot of free materials about the process of creating a course for online selling... and that is nice.  I just downloaded most of it and have to sort through it.

With all my other research, it is a lot of online reading.  I prefer print copies, but I can't afford all that ink.  It's a challenge for me to go through this process of learning what is available online.  I do what I can, and then (often) have to wait for more money, etc.

Kindle publishing has been in my plans for so many years... it is what I planned to do at Amazon... books, PDFs, Kindles...  I am really beginning to see the process may be achievable now.  I hope so. I am still working on what to publish first -- for myself -- but it is coming along.  I have several publishing goals, but not sure what to do on Amazon and what to do elsewhere.  My perspective is about getting all my lifetime plans out for the world to think about... before I die.  :-(  When I started this journey I thought I would be farther along than this... I seriously should have been a billionaire by now and have my WT regions established.  So, we have to find out what GOD had in mind....

I am working on a booklet for one of my son's writings.  He is in prison and I realized that we could do this as a way to help him create income for the future... and now.  Inmates are currently limited in how much money they can access, but I hope to advocate for a better system... higher wages, income options online (I call it an eBay for inmates.), making payments for their restitution, taking care of their families, learning budgeting for when they get out, saving money for when they are released, donating to their own favorite causes, gifts, and taking care of their own needs... hygiene, food, clothes, etc.

Well... midnight just passed...  welcome to Friday, 22 June 2018....

I have been trying to do more yardwork again... trying not to overdo it and get sick again....  I had to "rest" several times yesterday and today, but I am getting it done a little at a time... when it isn't TOO hot.  :-)   I am seeing the year after year improvement goals that ownership allows...  wanting my own little piece of land to build on the future for myself...   Maybe I can sell enough to buy that land finally.  If GOD allows me to live, and hire help, "it could happen."  :-)

I think I need to eat something and get back to bed...  I will probably be talking at you tomorrow, but I'm not sure, so...

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May GOD be kind to those who love Him and trust Him to provide for their needs... Amen.

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