12 June, 2018

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

I made it through another day!  :-)

It was hot for most of the midday, but I wandered out to the huge blackberry bush... overgrowing the fence area it is in.  Last summer I really cut it back, and this year it really grew back!  I am beginning to figure out blackberry vines though.  I think the flowers need to be waist high... maybe a nice little fence to keep them from the ground.  It was a mess last summer... the berries get heavy as they get ripe so the branch they are on falls slowly to the lowest regions it can... on the ground for a lot.  It is a waste of good food, and I bet there are lots of seeds just waiting to grow in that area.

That was most of my yardwork for the day... about killed me.  I had to take a nap.  Earlier I moved a few branches and other debris, and that didn't help.  I needed to rest after that, too.  I am thinking about an hour of yard work some time during the days... spread out, maybe.  Or only attempting it two days a week... I'll have to see what happens.

Monday I received my Senior Farm Checks.  I got six "checks" worth $4 each from USDA to use at Farmer's Markets through the end of November (this year)… previously they expired at the end of October.  Many Farmer's Markets are staying open year-round now...  and the end of November would include Thanksgiving meals.  I always debate whether to save them, spend a little at a time, or just get the whole thing spent on one visit.  Now that it is harder to get to a Farmer's Market, for me, I will probably spend all my saved Market money at once.

I have only received them since living with my son and his wife.  I think three summers.  I would have to do too much searching for an exact amount.  When I arrived, I only had food stamps, then my Social Security Retirement payments started.  I don't know who else qualifies, by income, but mine is pretty low, so this is a great benefit for me.  I love Farmer's Markets, and organic produce, but it is very expensive for my budget.  This helps me to be able to buy food there.  I look for the best bargains.  :-)

I am sure the future will get better... I hope so.  There are problems I can't overcome yet, but I do my best.  I have just kept trying my whole life.  I don't know what GOD is doing when my efforts don't seem to be blessed, but I know that He is the One that governs my life so I trust the details to Him.  In heaven, later on, I suppose I will find out.

I know I have talked about this before, but we never really know the hidden details of our lives, how they affect the ongoing process of GOD's Plan.  When  you read the Bible, there are always difficult passages that don't fit the "Happy Christian" mantra we often see in our churches today.  People who were important to the times they lived in sometimes suffered greatly, but still were doing GOD's Will for that time.

I know my purpose is important... I just don't know how GOD will bring it into this world.

I realized today that I need to start getting ready for the Christmas selling season, and for the December MEMBERSHIP Drive for Working Together.  I still need to figure out monthly payments and how to structure the benefits for that payment option.  I see more lists in my future... but I am getting better with my daily notebook strategy.  There is HOPE in my efforts!  :-)

I shared some posts at Twitter today on our ideas of basic survival needs.  One of the things I shared is a note I made from some source... I can't remember where I found it and forgot to write it down.  This impacted me in my contemplating of our world and survival... the general idea is that ::

Without air you will only last 3 minutes.
Without water you will only last 3 days.
Without food you will only last 30 days.

These statements are generally true, even though I know there have been some people revived from cold water drownings after more than 3 minutes... etc.  I think there are variables for the water and the food statements related to the individual person.  The idea is clear... there are limits to our humanity, and some things are a necessity.

In one post I asked what "BASIC survival needs" are... and listed a bunch for starting the thought process...  in another post I mentioned the effects of pollution and pesticides on our survival resources, asking what we will do when there is nothing left.

The motivation for creating Working Together was understanding the loss of basic life needs... through poverty, through homelessness, through the effort to survive.  I guess I wondered what other people think BASIC needs are.  You are welcome to respond to this query as well... here, or at Twitter.  Depending on the amount of profit we can create through various programs, the sale of products, and other sources, the level of supplies for BASIC need resources will vary.  As a member focus, I hope that will grow into all that we will need for any area of the world and any difficulty.

Well... time to get going.  I started on my June letters and now have everything I need to send them, so I am busy working to get that list checked off.  Five down, only 21+ more to go!  :-)

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May the GOD of all find your heart and bless your life with something that matters to you.
May our country find peace, strength, wisdom, and mercy in the eyes of GOD.
May we discover there is more that this life, commit our days to GOD, and make the world better.
May life have meaning for each person.
May our joy be in the goodness we share with others.
May we discover the blessings of Truth, and stand for what is right for all of us.
In the holy and blessed Name of Jesus, I pray, Amen.

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