06 June, 2018

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

My goodness.... recovery is a long process... from yardwork!   :-)
I am still struggling with it!

Other than that, I am working through the details of today.

The need for more money is always at the top of my lists.  How to make it is another matter.  Every solution brings up other problems to deal with.  That is the nature of life... and I hope I solve the "conundrum?" before I die!  haha

Wednesday is when I try to watch a couple of programs on PBS... Start Up and Beads, Baubles, and Jewels.  I somehow remembered them today... early.  So, I rested my body while watching the latter parts of Pati's Mexican Table... fascinating! … and a new program at PBS about poetry.  I wouldn't say it is something worth watching...

That was my TV allotment for the day.  I do get inspired by some of the Start Up programs.  Today there was a Detroit Maid business that was started with less that $1000, and a Lobster business that took $2 million.  Big difference.

I get crafting inspiration from the Beads program and the Make It Artsy ( Fridays ) shows, when I get to watch them.  I can't afford to buy the season DVDs, and not sure I want to, but I would like the option to record them on a DVR or similar machine and watch them at a better time... maybe my Sabbath activities.  I hope to find a way to do that one of these days.  I don't really know what the current technology is, but still love my VCR.  :-)

I have several crafting projects I want to get done... I need to find a way to get them done.  :-(  Some things are harder than others...  I still work in those directions.

Well... you can see I am contemplating many different parts of my life... so I will stop writing for today...

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Pray that GOD will help my body and my life challenges to go away so I can do more.
May GOD provide for the things that need to get done.
May I find the place of peace and safety for my latter years.
May life become more than it has been.
May our world discover GOD and salvation and peace in this life.
Pray for America's honest and struggling people to be protected.
Pray that our government will rise in its values and priorities to serve the average people.
May we all help each other.

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