05 June, 2018

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

I get busy, I get tired, I forget I still have to enter my post...

I was just checking the situation with the world, commenting when I could, sharing when I could.

I have been discovering how different FB is since my reorganization.  I am beginning to LOVE it, beginning to expand my following status on pages I already like, and finding new pages and groups to check out.

Yardwork is pressing into my to-do lists, but that is OK.  It is a temporary situation.  I am getting more exercise than I want, and discovering my limits... planning a better future.  I like the warmth of the sun, so sometimes I go out to do something just to be warm.  I go out when the dogs need to go out for their "business"... and need some outside time themselves.  :-)   There is always something to do... they like to stay out when I am out at the same time... so, I "sacrifice" myself for their fun... haha.

All this yardwork means I need more of my rest times, sometimes I even need naps!  I am beginning to see what it means to be retired and do battle with heart-related problems.

Retiring is hard for everyone, I think.  It takes awhile to change your pace, change your ideas of what a good day is.  I have been aware of older celebrities I try to follow as news appears, and how they must have an even harder time.

I was affected by the posts today about Kate Spade ( I think that is the right name.), who is being reported as a suicide by a red scarf... strange.  In one report it was said they recently sold their first company success for about 2.5 BILLION dollars.  The view is that money and success don't buy happiness.

I think it could help a lot of other people, though.  When you focus on helping others, know who you are helping, have a passion for more than your net worth, life can have very different meanings and value and strength.

I wonder what happened to their lives over 24 years of marriage, business success, and the damage that has been done by this to her only child.

When I was young I wanted to die... so I understand the emotions that overtake the heart and mind.  I didn't have kids then.  I was young, lost, struggling to find my life.  I didn't really want to die, I just wanted the pain to stop.  Now, I understand that time heals every misery, if we let it... if we struggle through each day until we reach that new reality.  I hate to read about anyone's suicide now.

The posts today were very strange... very angry... very bitter... it makes me wonder why.  How can these things flow like that... all at the same time.

Family Talk had a program today about a woman whose law enforcement husband was killed at work one day, and how it changed their lives.  It was very moving.  I cried.   It is worth your finding it online and listening to this woman speak.

We never know when our lives will end.

We always have to be ready.

For those who love GOD and are saved by Christ, death is not as frightening a change as it is for those who don't know the salvation of Christ.  It is never convenient to die... to know anyone who had died.  We no longer have an opportunity to say all the things we planned to say.  Christians suffer when someone they love dies as much as anyone else, but we also have a better peace because we know we will see them again... in heaven.

I don't think too many of the people the world calls a "success" are also saved by Christ... which makes my heart struggle for them.  Salvation changes our priorities.  It also changes what we think money is for.  I wish this knowledge for everyone, including those who rely on the world for their value.

I hope  you will meet me in heaven one day.

Until the next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May GOD comfort the child of Kate Spade.
May we all treasure those who matter to us, keep short anger accounts, bless the world with our substance, and find our meaning in the things of GOD.
May anyone even thinking of suicide wait until the changes of time are able to make their lives better than this moment... do whatever you need to do to get through... let life have a chance to make your future better.
May we all find a way to solve our problems without hurting others.

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