08 June, 2018

Friday, 8 June 2018

I guess I didn't make it back to enter another (official) post yesterday...  I have had a bad week and just went to bed a lot... all day... trying to make my body feel better.

Today, when I turned the computer on, and saw the news briefs on the main page, and noticed that there was another suicide in the world of celebrity, it made me pause and try to find out why.  It seems he had been sending out signals for years... and wasn't able to find peace within his world.  I can't begin to understand the world of being a media magnet (victim), so I guess there isn't a lot for me to comment on about that part of his life.  I just think we all have to make a choice about what matters... where our priorities lie... what our dreams are that we want to find and discover if they will truly make us happy and fulfilled.

I think famous people get into a space where it is all they know, their value (self-worth) seems to be tied to the latest media report.  I have the impression that it is tied to their level of income... so, it becomes the primary force in their lives.

Christians have to make a choice about these issues when their dreams are about music or theatre or movies or other media-driven industries...  being the one at the top of the (manure) pile or being happy doing what they love, in a smaller community.

I was so saddened by a photo of Carrie Underwood this week.  Her dress was a statement for the music competition to have the most baring outfit to try to get the most attention... It meant she was leaving her faith for the wealth of her industry... and the lack of morals it represents.

It is similar to the "couch resume" that Harvey (?) Weinstein is now trying to defend for his bad behavior.  There were two people involved in those encounters that actually were consensual, but those that were forced, or coerced, would be considered rape I think.  This kind of situation has been around for a long, long time... probably with the first man that became wealthy or held the future of a woman in his power.  Women marry to avoid a lot of things, and sex is sometimes the payment they make.  I don't want to get into the child rape issues here, but they are related to this entire conversation about power and force and criminal actions.

Suicide... let's get back to a "better" topic... something that can be changed if we learn to love ourselves and make the necessary changes in our priorities.

I don't know what Anthony Bourdain or Kate Spade were thinking about when they decided suicide was the only solution to their problems, but it isn't.  The deeper problem is that we talk ourselves into that "solution."  We fantasize a lot of different things as we ponder our individual problems... sometime we think everyone else will suffer by our decision, usually everyone's life goes on trying to solve their own problems... the ones who really loved us and needed us are the ones that suffer by our absence... I would guess that would be their daughters.

Maybe we need some kind of website just for people who think about ending their lives... I don't know how it would be set up... I'm sure they already have hot-line sites.  What would keep someone from going through with an emotional choice in the heat of their pain... I doubt I would turn on the computer and say, "Help me!"  It is really a difficult problem for all people in pain, and probably worse for those who are hounded by media cameras.

So, this is Friday...  I have food... I have clean clothes... I have a Sabbath to conquer... I have long lists of things to do, some have been waiting for my recovery from yardwork this week... and I have letters to write and mail with the stamps I just bought.  I have meaning for my weekend.  :-)  haha  I don't even know if I will be able to do more than rest a lot.  This is becoming my senior citizen life.  Not what I had planned for my life!

We have a new HOBBY LOBBY (.com) in the area, so I have to get over there soon... and it is by the Chick-fil-a I have been trying to eat at since I discovered it existed (years ago...)… I have the funds to spend for a meal there now.  I have never been to a Hobby Lobby store.  I am wondering what kind of items they provide... well, I don't think I have been in one for the hours I want to spend exploring it.  I may have done a quick look at one in my old living area.  I was looking online this week to see their prices for things I want to check out.  I don't think I want to do shipping charges, so I will wait to get to the actual store.  I can buy several more items for the price of shipping... my goal!

I came across a saying once, and I know I have shared it before... but I am thinking of making a graphic to post occasionally with these words...

Something to DO
Something to LOVE
Something to HOPE FOR

These are the keys to happiness (according to this author... which is unknown to me).  I thought about it for a long time after I read it, and I decided it is a great solution for a lot of people... including inmates.  Something to Love could also be complete strangers in need that you involve yourself with... the suggestion to care about others I mentioned in my Kate Spade post.  Caring for others gives you something to do also.  And it might also increase your Hope level enough to keep you going.  These are not my original impressions of what it could translate to in a real life, but when we have nothing, we need to start somewhere, and grow it into a new life that brings us inner joy and satisfaction.

I translated it into internet sales for inmates... and minimum wages for the work they do... and education when they aren't working for wages... and learning the budgeting skills they need to succeed on the outside.

For myself... it's my retirement plan... crafting and selling online until I can't do anything anymore.

I guess I better go...

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May we all find better ways to solve our problems than suicide.

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