15 June, 2018

Friday, 15 JUNE 2018

I am finally here!

What to share on my journal blogs is quite a challenge... In the world of repeat messages, I am seeing the strain of "dead air time" and having to create a constant stream of "sermons" -- the two things I have been thinking about with my writing challenges and goals... the media, and the church.  

I am also thinking about what to write for selling... books, articles, mini-books, zines, and whatever else I discover has some sales potentials.

I was doing something online and ended up at an eBay (this link goes to my shop) page with an old wringer-style washing machine... where I then discovered there are still hundreds of them in existence.  I was amazed.  I may actually be able to find and buy one someday!  I still remember helping my grandmother in the basement of her farm... doing laundry there was a lot different than doing laundry now...  I was in love with the rolling thing that squished the excess water out of the clothes.  :-)  Been wanting one of those machines since then.

If I remember right, she had to fill the tub with hot water, add the laundry soap, put each article of laundry into the tub (that was agitating -- with no lid!), decide how long it needed to become "clean" and ready for the next step... I think the roller squeezer thing (the wringer) then took out the soapy water so you could put the soapy laundry into a tub of "rinse water."  Eventually, you got the laundry to the clothes line to dry.  In the snowy winters, the line was across the basement...several different lines hung from somewhere.  I don't know where... I didn't care about those things as a child... I just remember the rows of drying clothes.

I remember everything had to be ironed after it was dry.  In our family history, that meant hand sprinkling water on the item, rolling it up, then putting it into a plastic bag until it got ironed.  I think the clothes got put in the freezer if it took too long to get to it.  I think ironing was one of the "chores" for older kids... probably the girl kids... who can remember all that now...but that was how things were done back then... somewhere in the 1950's and 1960's.   :-)

All I want is the washing machine.... or the wringer system if I can't have the whole machine... I discovered one over a pail once... but couldn't afford it.  My life wasn't stable enough for owning it then... it would have been lost to the hazards of poverty anyway.  

I hope I can find my own space soon, something that will last for the rest of my life, something of my own, secured, safe, my " final resting place " in this life, so I won't have to lose all those things I tried to build my life with... again.  I need space for my crafting, and computing duties, and shipping, and life... permanent space... not something I continue to fear will be lost because of my finances... and now my age and health.

All these memories keep rising up again... and I am still not where I want to be.  I don't have much time left, I guess GOD will have to do something soon if I am going to find the answer to all my prayers.

I briefly discovered something called a "vision board" when I was looking at things online.  I tried to find out more about it, but didn't see much.  I looked for examples... didn't find any good photos.  :-)  I will try to check out Pinterest (this link goes to my Pinterest page to start) for some photos over the weekend, if I remember.  What I did see seemed to be like affirmations on social media posts... more of a positive thinking board.  Maybe like my "inspiration wall" concept... making a collage of things that matter to you... that inspire you... that represent your goals.

In reading some of the "affirmations" and their details, I was reminded of my goal process with Brian Tracy... the 30-day exercise where you write out 10 goals in the view of already being achieved.  That means saying "I am driving X car, in blue, with leather seats, cruise control, etc., and loving it!" instead of saying "I want a car."  I don't know if that is the best example, but you can check out Brian Tracy's goal stuff online... at briantracy.com and YouTube, (this link goes to my YouTube channel with some of his videos on it)  and maybe other places.  It was quite an interesting view of goal statements when I first discovered it.  I still have my CD's by him from a long time ago, and I listen to them every now and then.  I love the title of one ::  Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life  --  it still inspires me.

The other day I was checking on Kindle books again and almost bought one... a short inspirational book by someone I think is historical, but don't really know... I wasn't familiar with the name.  I discovered that "short reads" at Kindle/Amazon are under 100 pages... that became my goal for my first book effort.  I had been thinking in those terms already, but finding the "number" on the Kindle info validated my own thoughts on the topic. I discovered audible book options, too... and their option to self-publish in print mode. (I didn't check on the costs yet... again...)

Now... what to write about...  I don't know if I am already on the other side of my desert trial and have enough inspiration to encourage others yet.

So much to think about.

Well... I think I will get going for today... still have a lot to do.  The Sabbath begins at sundown... and I am still working on how to honor it in my life.  :-)   Change takes time... a long time.

Until the next time I meet you here, GOD willing,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin

May GOD watch over all of the good people, especially those who love Him and are on their way to salvation, children, old people, those in deep need, and me.  :-)

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