26 March, 2024

Housing is the foundation of surviving any crisis.

I have been watching a lot of videos again.  It is my "recreation" at the end of the day, and the reason I end up posting late.  Some videos are about housing designs, others are about homeless issues, and some are about food or other survival topics.  Tonight I watched a couple new topics - evictions in low-income mobile home parks and squatter rights. 

When everything falls apart, however that may happen, housing will be the main issue.  When we need to overcome huge problems in our lives, having a stable home to start from is really essential.  Trying to solve problems as homeless people/families is very difficult.  

Not having housing makes it very hard to work, to go to school, to take care of yourself or your family, to eat, to do laundry, to shower, and all those little things we don't even think about until they aren't there anymore.

Being alone, being elderly or disabled - or both, being poor, being without a job, being without close family, being a minority or having a criminal history, being a single parent, or having other problems that affect housing options, makes the challenge to overcome our crisis more impossible.

Stable housing allows us to find solutions. It helps us continue in the same neighborhood we have been living in and to access the resources we already know.  Starting over in a new neighborhood means we have to rebuild all those networks we have had.  It takes time to find new resources in a new neighborhood.  If we have to move again, and again, and again, we are starting over each time.  It makes recovery so hard and it takes so long.

In the mobile home eviction video, one elderly man had planned to live out the rest of his days in a mobile home he bought for his retirement.  He didn't have anyone left in his life except his neighbors.  The entire mobile home park was being evicted.  He had no one to help him through this crisis and no where to go.  He planned ahead.  Then, when he was not able to help himself, was being forced to leave everything he had planned and built and needed to survive the rest of his life.  

Someone bought the land.  They wanted to build a different future with their property.  Is anyone guilty of a crime?  No.  This is a process that happens everywhere.  People want to make as much money as they can.  People have to cover the expenses of a new mortgage.  A new property owner has their own vision and plans.

So, what is the solution?

Somehow, the people in the housing park need to be helped to find an equally priced new situation for living.  But that isn't really possible in our age.  These people were living in the same place for years and years and years.  They never thought about moving.  The homes they owned were too old to be moved.  They didn't have other mobile home parks to move to... the other mobile parks in their city were also being closed.  

The poor cannot suddenly find money to overcome an eviction.  The elderly are often surviving on a limited income.  They cannot make it grow to cover new rent prices.

Christians will suffer these kinds of problems as our End Times become worse.  This is not just the problem of a mobile home park or other low-income property being changed into something else.  Christians are losing jobs, houses, and lives they thought would never change.  Christians have prepared for their future, but their future is changing.  Where will they turn when those difficulties happen?

I don't know.  I didn't really find adequate help in my own trials.  I watch these videos and I see again there is still no hope for people in a sudden crisis, even for Christians.  I hate to think about what is coming and what it will do to Christians and everyone else. 

The government is not the answer.

A crisis that turns everyone toward the government as its only support option is a path to socialism, to government control in greater and greater amounts, slowly, in a hidden path, one that makes the government seem like a savior.  Welfare, SNAP/food benefits, Unemployment, stimulus acts, housing subsidies, and programs like this all lead to the government being the sole support of our lives.  It is changing us from free and independent people into dependent followers of whatever the authorities/government decides is what will be. 

Housing is one way to break our sense of freedom.  

Food is another.  

Jobs are another.

What about the lockdowns we all submitted to willingly, which became legal "rules" and brought police force into our lives... over a mask!

COVID really hurt our nation - and we are not yet recovered.  There are still people in authority who want to keep it going.

These YouTube videos on evictions after COVID say there will be more to come.  The government cannot print enough money to save us... printing money leads to even more financial problems.

We must find ways to protect our communal resources.

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