11 December, 2020

FAITH :: Still working on 2021, finding great old papers I saved, and sharing a wonderful quote I found...

 I have been going through so many of my saved papers and finding things that really are great to review again.  I will be busy with that this weekend -- reading and then deciding what to do with them.

I found a really nice QUOTE on one of the pages and wanted to share it here... I don't have the full article, or a date when I found it, just the page it was on.  

This quote is attributed to PAUL TRIPP ::

"Every day we lay little bricks on the foundation of what our life will be.... The bricks of words said, the bricks of actions taken, the bricks of little decisions, the bricks of little thoughts, and the bricks of small-moment desires."

I think I would like to add the small paragraph that follows it, and ends the goal-related article.

"Over time, as we add layer upon layer of these so-called little things, we reach our goals.  It's the little things, done with intention, that create a form of ourselves often unrecognizable as the person we used to be."

Isn't that an amazing pair of thoughts...  it's bricks make us think of building a house, a place to live, a design we create.

This is what Christ does for us when we accept the gift of salvation and let Him lead us to a place where all our sins, the harm they have done, are changed into good results.  This doesn't change the harm, but it does find a way to redeem our bad choices.  We build a new future and become a new person..."unrecognizable as the person we used to be."

Praise GOD for the opportunity to become that new person.

On my planning activities for 2021... still working on them.  Finding good ideas in all the pages I keep finding... looking for a plan that will work for me... praying for GOD's help.

I don't know what the final goals will be, but I have a direction to move in... PATREON, then selling options like ETSY and EBAY, then Social Media selling, and whatever comes after that.  I am working on my budget restrictions, on what I can afford to add to my tools and supplies, and other connected details to sell online.  It is a long process with restricted budgets, but I keep going in the directions I know I need to go and hope for GOD's help. 

It keeps me busy in my "old age."  :-)   That is a real blessing.  I hope I can continue until the day GOD calls me home.

I may start posting here more, like I did in the past, as my connection to all things about GOD, Faith, and what they mean to us.  I have to have some PUBLIC posting spaces, and then I will work on linking my readers to the selling spaces I am building.  I don't want to do a lot of PUBLIC posts at PATREON... it seems like it will defeat the purpose of joining.  That is one of my searching issues for 2021... HOW to organize my online sites.  What a huge job!

Until next time,

Deborah Martin



I will be needing a new post like this for 2021, too.   :-)

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