15 November, 2020

FAITH :: CHANGES !!! Starting to think of 2021...

Sorry to be late again... Who can remember what was happening that made me forget to post here...  I remembered on Thursday, the old regular day.  Maybe I need to work on a new plan.  :-)

I have been thinking about 2021 goals and decided to change my PATREON page around.  I worked on that in the night hours from Saturday to Sunday... Make sure you check it out.  


I am down to FOUR tiers... 

  • For Everyone
  • New Projects
  • Art Prints
  • Jewelry Design

I decided to eliminate CHRISTMAS from my Patreon projects, and then decided to make RECYCLING dormant for awhile... It takes a LOT of money and space to do Recycling projects... I will wait and see what happens.

I changed my Patreon page right away because I didn't want to risk anyone signing up for a tier that would be changed.

I am still praying for responses to my ONE MILLION supporters effort for this whole year.  So far, NONE.  ZERO.  NADA.  ZIP.  -- very discouraging.  That was my "start-up" money goal.

Finding workspace has been an ongoing issue for me.  I bought some things this weekend to help me, and spent today moving stuff around to see if it would help.  I am seeing a LITTLE bit of empty but not enough.  There's still more to do, so it might work out.  I moved my crafting supplies to my desk space for easier access and a reminder for my brain.

"Out of sight, out of mind" isn't a made up saying... it is truth we have to deal with!

In my sorting activities I found a bunch of paperwork that applies to Working Together... history... memories.  I have it all separated and need to go through it this week.  The DECEMBER Membership Drive deadline is looming !!!  I have a lot to get done still.  PRAY for me.  Ask GOD to help me with the issues I face, and to provide what I have needed and prayed for all these many years.  Thanks.

This logo, mission statement, vision for the future of all Christians, has all the main themes and contact point for Working Together.

I created a visor with the web address on it.  I should have the only one... I can't decide if that is something to sell or not.  I am thinking more about stickers.  I love them, put them on my letters, and think they spread the word in places we can never reach.

With everything online these days, I am not sure what the best sharing method would be.  I suppose social media... but my accounts don't see to reach too far.

And there are other problems I don't have the ability to deal with right now.

These all bring up questions about GOD, about Faith, about our place in the Kingdom Plan, and who has more power - GOD or the Evil One.  Every day brings this battle.

9/11 was a turning point for America in my view, this election is also a huge event in our national path.  Even if TRUMP wins, it just kicks the can down to the next election... the morality of our nation is dying, and that is fulfilling Prophecy.  We need to decide what the best future is for ourselves as Christians, so we can protect it the best we can.

For the December Membership Drive I am trying to write a PDF that will explain my reasons for starting WT and why I think it matters.  I'm not sure how detailed I will be, because it really needs a whole book with chapters on each part of the whole vision, but I will do my best.  I have gone through many years of seeking GOD for the details, and struggled with so many obstacles.  I will try to share my view for now, in our time, because things have changed a lot since I first wrote my What If There Is NO Rapture piece.

I guess that is enough for tonight.

I will try to do better this week and get my post done... maybe early... maybe on THURSDAY, or maybe on another day.  :-) 

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


and more...

I like to post this last as a PS reminder that we cannot be strong unless we gather and become ONE BODY in Christ.

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