31 January, 2018

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

I am feeling the pressure of this being the last day of January... the first month of the year is over... what have I accomplished? ...how have I done with my goals? ...did I use my time, my life, in a wise way? ...how can I make the next month better?

In the last days of January, I have decided to make some lists of things I want to accomplish this year... things to do, things to buy, things to work toward... whatever I can think of... especially my Bucket List!  I want to start checking off things... to feel like I am moving in a forward direction... actually doing things that matter!  :-)  To me, at least.

The State of the Union message is still in my thoughts.  We think our nation is invincible, and that nothing will stop us, but that is not true.  We are very strong, full of ourselves, and dedicated (mostly) to the good things of humanity (compassion, mercy, love, sharing...).  But we are not invincible.  We also don't need to become like our enemies.  This is an important time in our national history.

I hope our leaders do the right thing for the long-term future of our country, and don't operate on fear.  Fear creates bad decisions.

Today I am finishing all my details for January and working on my plans for February.  Valentines is in February.  It is one of the holidays I hope to focus on during the year.  I don't know if I have time to sell anything this year (for Valentine's Day), but I am considering my options as I plan.  I have some easy projects planned, so I could see how they work (production) and figure out their shipping requirements and costs.  We'll see....

The budget for February is still not done... so that is on the list for today.  It is hard to fit everything in... I don't have a credit card for back-up, and can't print my own money to have more (like the government does).  I have to decide what I can do with what I have.  My savings has already been depleted.  :-(   When I get my lists done, I will be able to figure out more.

My monthly letter campaign is still going... and getting better every month.  I hope this works for my old age and home-bound future.  I don't like doing everything online... it just isn't the same.  Of course, hackers hijack our lives online... criminals have great skills online...  the future has problems we can't even imagine right now.  I just have to do my best, and trust that GOD will deal with those other things I can't control.

I have been in food heaven since going shopping on Sunday... I am getting more focused on eating lots of fresh produce  ::  fruits and veggies and nuts and oatmeal and beans and everything else like that.  I told my son that the cost of nuts is like buying meats... very expensive!  I'm looking for recipes that are good and use the least expensive plant foods.   :-)   The prices are catching my attention more these days... and I am reworking my containers for different foods.

My crafting is coming along... which means my workspaces are beginning to look useable for what I can/want to do.  I am getting things ready to take photos of what I have done, or ready to sell.  It is finally beginning to look like I might actually have some stuff to SELL online!!!

Well, just wanted to get this post done.  I may be doing more than one a day now.  I'm working on my process... just writing when I have something to say.

Until next time,
In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD lead us to a better future.

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