02 January, 2018

Tuesday, 2 January 2017

Another day! is done!  ... almost.  :-)

I spent a lot of time making my room better... moving things around... feeling like it was killing me (seriously!)  To rest, I watched TV... news, then a movie, then I had to rest and fell asleep for a little bit.  Getting use to being older is quite a learning curve! 

Now I am up to get this done.  :-)

If I can figure out how to sell enough of my crafting projects, I will be OK!  (Financially, goal-wise, craft-supplied, etc.)  Things are beginning to take shape. 

Wages through Working Together are also an option... been praying for that a long time.  Lots of associated issues with that quest, but I continue to trust that GOD is working in the midst of them. 

This is the year I focus on praying for my children's souls...  in earnest.  I hope to see changes before I die. 

I am remembering some of the foods I loved as a younger person... I made some sauteed mushroom slices today, and then ate them as a sandwich with lettuce.  I use to eat them with burgers.  I love mushrooms practically crisped in butter.  I can see more of these in my meal planning, even if they are lots of calories and fat because of the butter.  I may try to use less, but boiled mushrooms just don't have the flavor of sauteed mushrooms.  :-)

Oatmeal is becoming a breakfast staple, with dried fruit cooked in it.  I'm not sure yet what other options I want to try for breakfast.

Salads are coming back.  :-)  As long as I can keep myself in lettuce, I'll be fine.

Exercise... well, that is still a 2018 goal.  I did more than my fair share today, but I want to find a walking plan and get an exercycle.

I need to catch up with my monthly letter list... I have a few from December left, even though I sent out Christmas cards I decided to do letters, too.

These are the "TO DO" items on my lists... not quite goals, but parts of goals.  Trying to decide my top 3 goals for 2018 is still part of the goal challenge for me.  I'm working on a SMART Goal version, with deadlines, with details, with a finish line.  When I get it all organized into one notebook, my original plan, it will be easier to keep track of the process.  Making one big goal into all the small steps that lead up to achieving it is another challenge with goals. 

Project managers do this with their events and other bigger work goals.  I have read a little about them along the way.  The way to get to the goal is to work backward, to figure out the last step and then work backward to where you are now.  It all sounds easy, but it really is a big job.  Lots of details.

I practice on some of my smaller goals.

Exercise may have to be one of those top three goals.

Income may have to be another one of those top three goals... again.  More details of how to increase my income will have to be the goal.  Once you have enough saved, you can do any goal.

What to do for goal 3... I am still wondering.

Tomorrow I will work on getting these goals into words, with details, and deadlines... something to check off as I go through the year.  That really helped me with my food goal last January... I may have to try that again this year.  :-) 

I'll let you know how I did when I write tomorrow's post.

Until then, pray for my sons to find their happiness in GOD, be saved by Christ in their hearts, and dedicate their lives to the work GOD has planned for them to do.  Thanks.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May we all be united by our salvation, find peace in our walk with GOD and Man, and live to make our world better. Amen.

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