03 January, 2018

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Hello, again...  I am still writing 2017 on my dates... I think I better go back and check my new posts for 2018 again to see if I did that.  Bear with me if I have.  I will get this New Year issue fixed!  (eventually!)     :-)

Today did not go as planned (wanted), but that was fine.  I did quite a bit... and don't have too much left to do.  If you remember, I have been redoing my room again.  This time I found some big space!  It feels wonderful, but I am already thinking about how to make it more useful.  :-)   It never ends... the need to find a better way!  I am always looking for it.

My purging process is continuing... I am looking for the things I don't need to have anymore... what to get rid of, what to keep, what to use for regular life, what to use for crafting...  this is why it is important to figure out my spaces.  To make sure some things do get used for food after they are used for crafting.  I know people sell household stuff online, but I am having a hard time thinking of charging $20 for shipping for the things I am thinking of selling.  I generally end up donating stuff.  This is going to be a challenging effort to change.  The experience will be good (listing / figuring out shipping costs / packaging / etc.) for me if I can force myself to do it.

At Etsy, vintage is over 20 years since it was made.  I don't know if I can date everything I have.  I may just focus on Ebay for everything.  That decision hasn't been made yet.

In my part of the world, the rain is coming back, with passion I hear.  I saw on the news today that the other side of the country is having record cold, and snow, and ice, and misery.  Sad.  I hope the homeless are sheltered.  Those who have to drink or drug end up dying because of their habits... addictions.  Here they are under attack again.  No one want the homeless around... especially when "tourism" is more important.  It's all about the tax dollars... as the financials get worse, everyone gets blamed, especially the poor and homeless.

Amazon is promising 50,000 jobs to the next city they build in.  They will get a great tax deal.  I have been hoping that Bezos's new effort to "share" his wealth ( doing philanthropic work ) will focus on the shelter needs of the homeless and poor... ownership options to create stability and the ability to actually build a future.

The news says there are over 200 cities applying for their business.  Logically, they will need to position themselves in another part of the country... probably the east, maybe Chicago for now.  With this cold spell, it doesn't look good for long-term impressions. :-)   They are a shipping company, with a great need for techies... At first I thought the old Post Office I heard Chicago was offering would be good. Chicago is a big transportation hub.  Then, tonight, I realized they will probably go somewhere on the east coast, near Washington DC maybe, where there are a lot of universities, and talented people, and political power, and the Washington Post, which I believe Bezos owns now.  :-)   It sounds like a wise strategy to me.  They don't have to build downtown, and commuting is a way of life over there.

Now that I have solved their problem, I will go to bed for the night!  haha

See you tomorrow.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD be with those who have suffered tragedies and are trying to recover, especially ... well, just all of them... including those who are poor and homeless, in law enforcement, senseless victims, and repeat offenders who were not helped to overcome the real problems that no one sees, or wants to notice.  May we all find a way to understand the consequences of our failures as individuals, as families, as communities, as nations... to see with hearts of understanding, to discover the why, to change the future when possible, and to love those who are near to us instead of giving our funds to people we will never meet.  May our world find a way to heal.  May we see that GOD is good and the Bible teaches us how to make our lives better.  May tomorrow be better than today...  Amen.

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