01 February, 2018

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Budget time is here!

Good thing I checked my balances to figure out my February funds...  I had subtracted from the wrong amount in one category.  I have more money than I thought I had!  That is always nice to discover.  :-)

I did my laundry today, so I can last without buying some new-to-me clothes for a little longer.  :-) 

I had two sandwiches for my "lunch" today... the first one was just chard and pickles... I was still hungry.  I made my mushrooms (in butter... what can I say) and used half of my avocado and half of my tomato to make a second sandwich.  That filled me up!  ... for a long time! 

It is strange how some foods keep you feeling full for a long time.  I wish I understood all this food stuff when I was younger and searching desperately for ways to get through the month (with children).  After I discovered these differences, in my continued quest about food choices, I wanted to find ways to share my new-found awareness.  I'm not sure what I will do with it now, but it is still churning inside me... I did make a blog on food issues, so it may end up there.

Poverty is such a hard life.
Most of the world's poor are also illiterate.
How do they solve these kinds of problems for their families?
I don't know.

I watched a Taco Bell commercial this week... probably because of the Super Bowl coming up... and the product was fries and nacho cheese.  The fries looked great!  I want some!  ... but I hate nacho cheese.  What really impacted me is the knowledge from a food documentary that someone with an interest (financial interest) in cheese contracted with several of the fast food companies to increase their cheese sales... forcing some companies to add cheese to EVERY item they sold... kinda... well, the comment about that company was that they no longer offer any sandwiches without cheese.  Hint: that sounds like pressure to me.  Then I saw the commercial.  My opinion of Taco Bell and the other fast food companies I go to has changed.

I never would have thought that their food offerings were created by a cheese contract... I always thought the corporate offices worked diligently to create new food options to increase their customer base.  I guess this is like a subsidy program... maybe... kinda...  what would you call it?

I haven't been able to read in the Treasure Principle since my first effort.  I will try again this weekend... but it is hard to find enthusiasm for a book that violates basic principles on the first page.  I am still trying to understand why it was considered such a great book.  I have decided I need to read it to find out.  No book is perfectly agreeable.  I have to remember that.

Money issues are big with me... I guess.

We all can talk ourselves into bad decisions under the pressure of the dollar.

It is so hard... to keep our faith in GOD as our provider... to obey the commands of the Bible (from GOD).  I heard somewhere, probably a radio program, that most people in the church only tithe a small amount of the required 10%.  I don't know where they get that figure, but it may be true.  Every church seems to feel that their members don't give the full tithe to them.

Personally, I think our tithe is supporting any valid effort to provide for the work of GOD in our world... seeking GOD for where your money should be given, and only counting works that are created and operated because of their commitment to the Word.  Giving to the Red Cross is not a tithe... giving to Samaritan's Purse would be. 

My tithe and more has gone to Working Together since 1987, possibly longer.  I also give to other Christian works as I am able.  I try to keep records of my giving to make sure I am giving at least ten percent, but that is the only reason.  At my income level, tithing can sometimes feel like a sacrifice, but most of the time it is just what I do... because GOD commands it and because I depend on GOD for my day-to-day survival.

I have incorporated tithing for Working Together into some of its programs... benevolence, missions, caretaking, and lots of other things.  I can't imagine any other way to live.  Tithing in poverty is really like the woman giving her two mites, her only income....

I have always tried to think of ways to incorporate GOD into as many activities as possible.  In the church, I thought it would be better to have the costs of any field trip/mission trip/vacation camp fully paid and then let GOD choose who gets to go... kind of like a "lot" or something random.  I felt this would be best for everyone in the church... both rich and poor.  I think the rich need to experience the "No" of GOD as much as the poor need to experience His provisions. 

I use to think a lot about money issues as I was trying to plan the details of Working Together.  Money issues are a barometer of our faith.  They also witness to our internal values.

I finally found my staples for "construction" needs...  :-)  And I have started my first experimental silk screen thing... tomorrow I will try to figure out how to make a design with the materials I have.

My work tables are getting cleared off and I am beginning to find my tools again.  This makes me happy.  I may find a way through this long dark tunnel soon.

Well, that's enough for today.
Until next time...

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

Thank you, Lord, for the education I was able to get.
Help me to find a way to help others gain an education for their lives and futures, too.
Lead me to the best place for me, Lord.
Help me to find my own property and never have to move again...
Help me to provide for my son's future needs.
You know my prayers, Lord... help me to keep my faith in You, in your love for me and my sons, and in our future.

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