06 February, 2018

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

It is already noon, and I am finally sitting down to update my blog!  Time... it just flies away!

I will admit I went upstairs to rest and check what was on the TV... I decided to watch "A Matter of Faith" -- which is about the ongoing battles between secular Evolution and biblical Creation... and how our Christian youth enter a world they don't always understand at a secular university.  I didn't like the trailer for the movie so I wasn't planning to watch it.  I decided I better check it out, at least watch the start of it, and then decided to watch the whole thing.

Yesterday I rested and watched GIFTED on Netflix.  That was a different kind of movie, but it was something to think about.  It's always hard for poor people to understand why rich people even have problems... so, this movie kind of shared what happens in rich families.  It made me cry.  One part I really noted is how the State can take your life away, your kids away, your world away, any time they want to, and there's little you can do about it.  It was a movie about a family's tragic loss of family ties.

After I returned to my room later last night, I wanted to finish some of the other films on my list, so I put on ROKU's PBS option and chose "(A/The) Fish on my Plate" - which was really a strange documentary, but had some great details in it.  I forget what year it was made, but the "wild caught" preference was in it.  I keep remembering my view on ocean foods from a place that is filled with nuclear radiation, medical waste, sewage from so many sources, plastics killing innocent creatures, and whatever else I can't remember right now... like chemicals and pollution.  It made me want to build a farm even more.

My life with documentaries seems to be going into the emotional dungeon.
It is depressing to discover the truth, it is more than a challenge to try to find a way to live through it, find a better path, and make a better path to the future.

I think I will end for now... and come back when my mood is better.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD win the battles with those who prefer their sins to the goodness GOD teaches.
May I be back here soon, with a rested body and a better attitude.
May the world survive.

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