13 February, 2018

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Another day...
I have just been catching up with a lot of things...
and making a list for my next shopping adventure.  :-)

I will probably have to recover over the weekend.  haha

I am starting to develop several different project for eventual sales online.
Waiting for some supplies I ordered.
Thinking about what to do with them... what to do first... if anything will sell...  

I listened to a Christy Wright live webinar, by recording :-), yesterday...
about having confidence and how it affects your ability to sell your product.
I think I listened to most of it at least three times... kind of in the background for a couple of those.
I had "technical problems" to deal with.

There is always something new to learn, or to think about.  I am growing more aware of the style of delivery for sharing these kinds of things.  I've been trying to work some video efforts into my lists.  So, that means thinking about what to say, watching other videos with a different set of eyes, and figuring out the equipment I need.

I happened on a link to a non-GMO site, with a shop, so I checked it out.
I decided I could push my budget to buy the two shopping bags for $8, plus shipping.
Now I need to find the best PRO-LIFE shopping bag/s.  :-)

I'm anxious for my big crafting supply order to reach me.
It was like a major decision for the month...
I hope the items are what I am thinking they are.

My food changes are doing well, so far...
I have to finish off the speghetti squash, so tacos will be going away for awhile!  :-)
Lots of veggies and fruits are finding new ways to get together for my tummy.
It is becoming a great game to figure out what might taste good.

I still have a bunch of produce left from my other shopping trip/s.
Onions, lots of onions, eight of them.  I see more baked onions in my future.
I still am having problems with my lemons and limes.
Right now I have limes.  Four and a half limes.
I was finally able to eat one of my kiwis. One more to go.
My mango is still ripening.
I plan to have a banana shake today, using the last of my plantains with some ice cream.
Apples last a long time, so I always get them... three more to go.  I am getting more use to eating them as a snack, or with a meal.
I am going to make some sweet potato fries with my last sweet potato... today or soon.
I haven't used any of my small beets yet.  Those will make 3 or 4 servings.
I'm out of salad greens... they have to be purchased when I shop.
I'm starting to use fresh tomatoes again, so more of them will be needed.  I use them on sandwiches, in salads, and sometimes as a side dish for something else.

I am thinking I will only need about ten to fourteen servings of fruit and another ten to fourteen of veggies per week. That isn't much when you are in the produce section.  I keep ending up with two to three WEEKS of fruit and veggies... I really need to make a better plan for shopping.  I am going to try to buy more organic foods, and also to buy things I normally can't afford... maybe experiment with the strange produce I see in the stores.  :-)

If I already have two apples and a mango and all those blackberries to eat, I can limit myself to oranges, grapefruits, maybe a melon, more bananas or plantains, maybe a pear, maybe some grapes, maybe some strawberries... depending on where they are from and what kind of condition they are in -- and the price!

Throwing a small or medium potato into the microwave is becoming an easy meal.  How many to buy at one time is my challenge.  I used up 7 since my last shopping trip...about a week ago, I think.  I need to figure out the calories for the different kinds of potatoes, then only buy as much as I want to have in the house for those "quick meal choices."

I definitely will be trying to find at least one, probably two, avocados every week.  They are like a treat because of the fat and calories, but they taste sooooooo good.  I am beginning to smash them into a substitute for butter and/or mayonaise.  Limiting them makes them stay a treat.  I want to try making some kind of avocado dressing for salads and other dishes.

More squash is needed... I ate the ones I had, and they last a long time, like potatoes and onions.

I still have one more piece of my chicken breast, a sliced and cooked piece for a sandwich.  I ate some Lipton Chicken Soup, too... so that is my chicken for the month.  I also have a can of salmon... my extra meat for the month.  I can still get my grated cheese (8oz) for this month.  I alread had my cream cheese allotment.  This is going to be a hard challenge.  I am practically dreaming of the foods I love and can't eat (or am trying not to eat). 

I have been eating way too many pistachios and cashews!  I decided to call this my "transition" phase with those.  I am beginning to crave them less as I find other foods to eat.  They are very expensive, even in the bulk section of WinCo.  It seems that cashews are a staple of many recipes in the plant-based diet.  I have been checking recipes this week.  I expect to develop my own food choices once I figure out the options for myself.  I will be selling food on Etsy, so this is all research!  :-)

I guess that is enough food sharing for one day.
Shopping for healthy foods is not as easy as it sounds.  :-)

Until next time,
In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD lead us all toward health and the freedom to choose our foods.
May our government begin to truly protect us from the lies of major food companies that bias the research.
May we grow as much as we can for our own families, and our friends and neighbors.
May we find a better way.

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