04 October, 2017

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Hello, again...
It's 9pm and all is well... here, anyway... for now.  :-)

I heard on the Christian radio station a reminder or two that tomorrow is Bring Your Bible to School Day... promoted by Focus on the Family (.com)... who would have thought that a Christian nation would have to do battle to carry a Bible... and more.

I use to keep track of See You at the Pole, too.

Without God as the foundation of our nation, there is no promise to protect us.  Remember that.  Our problems are getting larger every day.  I often wonder where they will lead, what I will see before I die.  It makes me cry when I really think about it a lot.

Today turned into a day to recover from yesterday.  It takes a lot out of me to shop.  I didn't get too much done, not all that I wanted to, anyway.  Of course, I NEVER get all I want to get done done!  :-)

With new food in the place, I did a bunch of food prepping for later, ate too much, and don't even feel guilty about it.  haha!  Maybe I can catch up tomorrow, just a little anyway.

It's a short post day.
Lots on my mind, and not wanting to share it all.
I did see the news, still a lot about Las Vegas, more hurricanes on the way...
I think the media teaches the bad guys how to hurt people when they do some of the reporting they do.  I haven't decided how to share my views on that... better.  I never knew you could make a gun turn into a better lethal weapon until this week.  Now everyone watching the news will know what to do to change a single shooting rifle into an automatic death weapon.  There is something wrong with this picture.  And it is always the GOP's fault, with the only view being shared that of the Democrats.  This is not the journalism I use to love.

Pray for our nation... we are a sinking ship and I don't think anything can stop it.  :-(

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May God help us to find a better way into the future.  Amen.

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