12 October, 2017

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Another day...

We had a tornado warning interrupt our TV viewing this afternoon... an unusual event here in the northwest... or, it use to be.  I never remember a single west coast tornado in my growing and adult years, but lately they seem to be happening here, too. 

I don't know if I would attribute every weather change to the political topic of "global warming," but the atmosphere is changing.  What is causing it?  That is still a mix.  Naturally, pollution is doing lots of damage, but the sun is expanding too... our solar system is a very intricately designed ecosystem to allow us to live.  If solar flares can devastate the planet, other changes in the sun will affect us as well.

The Bible tells us that Man will destroy itself this time.  We can see that is happening.  I don't know if there is any way to stop the process, but it would be great to try to slow it down.

If I had money...  I have a long, VERY LONG, list of things I would get started to help save the planet.  New industries are possible in cleaning it up.  Getting solar, water, limited wind, power to those places that don't have the destructive forms we have would be great.  I am a fan of household independence, but big cities have their own energy problems.

My biggest unknown is still the question of how much environmental damage does the making of the renewable energy source have attached to it.  If we look pre-industrial age, we can find some better options... water wheels, which can now generate electricity. We can also now have SMALL wind energy structures that don't make a blight on the landscape and kill important flying animal life...  and I have been exploring farm-sized methane energy options to help with animal waste.  I am hoping to see solar integrated into the architecture of the building so it can be used to upgrade large city buildings.  Combining all these sources will help with year-round collection and use as electricity.

If you check into nuclear waste, you will be hoping you die before it kills us all.  I think the Star Trek model of nuclear energy as a power source for forever space travel needs to be considered... it lasts for thousands of years I think.  If we get to the same point as Krypton (Superman's dying planet), we will need to have space vehicles that will be able to survive on their own for thousands of years.

Personally, I want to be off-grid, with an option to connect to the big power source when, and if, I need to.  If I live in the middle of nowhere, however, I need to be able to survive without any other source of power.

In the recent disasters, it was obvious we need to allow other options... waiting for the electric company is not always the best choice.  Having off-grid options in the middle of the city allows neighborhoods to function until the rest of the repairs are done.

The problem is politics... and companies that feel threatened... and people needing money to get re-elected.

You see how I get going on these things!

For me it was a day of making my date cookies and cleaning up the messes from yesterday.  :-)   Naturally, I ate too much date cookie, aka sugar!  It sure tasted good!  I put the bulk of them into the freezer, a LONG walk away from me.  Sometimes it helps.

Well, that's about all I want to share for today.
See you tomorrow, GOD willing.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May the GOD of all creation help us to understand our limits,
limit our greeds, and find peace in living together as one people on one planet.  Amen.

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