05 February, 2024

Hello, again.

The days pass by and I keep seeking GOD for answers.  They just don't seem to exist.

Finding GOD in the struggles we face seems to be a global problem these days.  I think it's because of the times we live in, the nearness of the Antichrist.  We forget this is prophecy coming true.  Nothing can stop it.

We don't understand why GOD doesn't just deal with all these threats to us and our faith.  It is the same confusion people have suffered in every great struggle in the world, as individuals or families or nations.  Like Herod, like Hitler, like the current global leaders who want to control our world.

We feel Believers should not suffer like this, especially us.  I think Americans are used to being powerful, being relatively free, in a world of evil authorities.  We haven't acknowledged the loss of morality and virtues in our own nation.  We have moved from being a Christian nation to becoming a nation that hates Christians (and Jews).

The Truth is we are the part of history and prophecy that must live through the End Times and choose to die just because we believe what the Bible says.  We don't know when it will happen, but we can see it coming.  

What do I see?  

I see technology becoming the fulfillment of prophecies.  It seems so "normal" to those who don't know or remember what prophecy tells us.  We are told it is "progress."  

Have you thought about how you will live without it?  Will your children see the dangers?  How many of your loved ones will turn away from what the Bible says is coming?

It will mean suffering, possibly greater suffering that history could ever imagine.  Technology has created a very different playing field.  

No one likes to suffer.  No one wants to die just because they believe in GOD, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Bible.  I don't know how I will do when that time comes.  I hope I don't have to face it.

I see the biggest threat to everything in our lives in digital currency being attached to the microchip we think is the MARK of the Beast.  Once digital currency is the norm, there won't be any way to buy or sell if it is connected to the microchip that will be attached to our bodies.

No food.

No clothing.

No shelter.

No transportation.

No work.

No education.

No communication.

No medical care.

Nothing that needs money to get it.

This process is already in our world and is growing.  

I am not able to access all the news and resources needed to share details with you.  I am telling you the things I have seen over the years of my quest to find ways to survive as long as we can... to have each other to help us... to find some kind of protection as Believers together.

I can't be "happy" about this topic.  It makes me cry, to God and for myself and my loved ones.  There is nothing I can do without money.  It seems to late to try.

This is about all I can do, and it is threatened by powers bigger than me.

I hope GOD shows us a way that will help us.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin

Working Together Inc

Founder, Owner, and only supporter

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