23 January, 2024

Still Praying. Still looking for GOD's answers.

When I pray, I pray until I feel GOD gives me the answers.  For some topics that is many years.  Working Together (WT) is a long, ongoing, hard prayer.  My income needs are also a huge problem that doesn't seem to find an answer.  I will continue to seek GOD for everything and believe He already understands the details I can't see.

I'm heading into large print so I will try to post in large print.  I haven't figured out templates that keep the type size like this, but I will keep looking.

January is almost over.  This is my first post of 2024.  I am wondering how many times to post, to be regular - on the same days - or just post when I have something to share.  I figure once a week is important.  Some of the people I watch for information seem to think twice a week is the key.  I suppose I can do both in some form.

We had a winter cold event over the past weekend.  

The power was out for just five and a half hours, and that was a frightening challenge.  But the internet went down for a long time - last Thursday to just a short time ago today (Tuesday).

It is a reminder that nothing is possible now without the internet.  Our lives are becoming fully dependent on it for all the different parts of our daily life.  

Not much can be accomplished without it.

When digital currency is the norm, and the microchip becomes the "wallet" for everyone, Christians will not be able to "buy and sell" to survive.  I find it very scary to be this close to the Antichrist.

I am trying to study all the Bible passages about the End Times and the Antichrist again so I can write about my perspectives better.  It has been a long time since I went through all those details and tried to understand them for myself.  I keep remembering there will be just ONE generation that passes from the time Israel reunites and (I believe) the Antichrist... problem is, I can't really remember the end of that generation event... now, today.

The idea we will be raptured out of suffering for our faith is possibly the Great Deception that is said to happen.  This means there will be a Great Falling Away of those people who believe in the Rapture as their exit plan.

I think it's going to be a very hard time in our history.

I have been praying about this for the entire time it has been known to me.  I can't figure out how it started.  But, I suppose that is the purpose of a Great Deception.

What will GOD do about this?  I hope He saves all the people I care about, and many others.

So, one of my projects this year is to find those verses and share them here.  

I hope GOD will allow me that time.

May we all find a way to gather and care for each other through our growing needs and persecutions.  We don't really know what is coming, or how we will survive it, but I think we need to keep fighting until the last moment.

That was why I chose the name Working Together.  It is about us becoming ONE BODY in Christ.

Until next post,

Deborah Martin


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