08 February, 2024

Working on my posting schedule.

Hello.  Here I am, again.  Trying to find the right amount of posting.  And what to post.  I hope you will bear with me as I work on these issues this year.

With the election battle this year, I imagine my political cells will kick in and I will find something to say about the candidates or issues we face.  It is such a critical year.  We have to win to hold back the tide of "one world government" actions.  I hope we are not too late.

I have always wondered if we can stall the prophecies GOD has warned us about... or if it has already been determined and we can only react to their progress in our lives.  It seems to be about the Antichrist and his plan to rule the world so he can get rid of GOD's People, and any memory there might be of the goodness and salvation GOD has to offer us.

Technology makes every effort harder.  The Enemy is wiser than we are, and has established his soldiers in important places already.  We have to find their weaknesses and protect our own people.

In computerized farming equipment, the computer seems to be innovated to keep track of the harvests.  In the future that will be a way to monitor the food supplies.  It is new today.  It seems like such a great tool to operate farmland and know your profits.

Back in the days of the satellite link to cars, the innovation was protection wherever you are.  The satellite was able to lock your car doors, shut off your engine, and other things like that, in case of problems on the road.  It seemed to me that the same switch that could keep the danger out of the car could keep you in it.  It's all about who is in charge.

I don't know what happened to that satellite, but I also remember that freeways were being built with tracking devices and cars were all being built with individual ID codes, microchips of some kind I think.  In the future, or maybe it's already in use, the authorities will be able to know exactly where your car is at all times.

So, I imagine the microchip that is now being put in human bodies for financial transactions will also be able to find you like a ping on your smartphone. 

This is the future.

I do want to share something that occurred to me last year.  Now that we see what technology is becoming, I realized there must be a very important reason GOD made this time in history to refuse the MARK of the Beast (the microchip).  What we don't know about the future is tied to it.  And death is the preferred choice.  It is a turning point in Faith.  A huge moment in prophecy.

I can see the danger, but I don't know how the details will play out... the reasons GOD has made this a critical choice for all Believers.  

A long time ago, some teenagers discovered they could affect a heart implant by computer.  I realized then how dangerous the future would be.  A lack of morals and unseen electronic transmissions would be the foundation of crime in the future, with no opportunity to stop them.

We can see where these tools have taken us.  We don't know how much more dangerous they will become in the future, but GOD does.  I think that is why He mandated we not take this MARK into our body.

I have to wonder why GOD didn't provide for Working Together, but I know there is a reason.  I hope we find His Plan soon, so we can prepare for it and protect ourselves for as long as possible.

Survival is the goal.






and every other thing we need.

Seek GOD for your own families, what to do, how to prepare.  And share it with those you know and love so they can prepare for themselves.

Together is stronger than alone.

Let's become ONE Body of Christ.

Pray for God's help,

Deborah Martin


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