18 January, 2018

Thursday, 18 January 2018

The days go by...

Today I received my "peddler" - a bike peddle without the bike - so I can at least start doing some kind of exercise in that direction.  It is strange, but it works.  It keeps tracks of the time, the "count" (something related to steps), and the calories burned... I now have something to keep track of !!!!   :-) 

I also recently discovered, in going through my piles of papers that we are suppose to work our way up to 10,000 steps a day, which is the equivalent of about 5 miles.  Doing some math, I am going for the 2000 mark first, which I call a mile. 

3500 calories is a pound, so that will be part of the weight loss goal. 

I plan to do this thing when I watch a movie.  It takes about a half hour to do a mile... about.  If I stop a lot, I think it stops the clock, too.  I haven't figured it out yet.

So... we have STARTED !!!!

I discovered a website called GENEROUSGIVING.ORG today and have been listening to some of their accessible speeches/testimonies from their annual (?) meetings/conferences.  I plan to continue until I have heard them all, or get to my "overload" point.  Ron Blue was on the list, so I listened to his first... really good suggestions.  I started at the bottom of the list, the 2011 group.  There are mentions of earlier events, but I have a lot of years to listen to already... I may look for them later.

I also discovered PBS (OPB is the local station) is playing a program on Dame Daphne Sheldrick and the little elephants I love so much, but I haven't been able to get it on ROKU without paying for a PBS subscription.  Not ready to do that.  I am hoping to view it on the actual TV as it is shown locally.  Tonight, at midnight Saturday, and some time on Sunday... I hope I am able to do that.

The video teasers have a wonderful shot of a little orphan that started the whole thing... but I guess the little one was emotionally fragile and died when Daphne left for a short time... of a broken heart, I assume.  I hope to find out more when I can watch it.  It makes me cry just to think of the little one giving up like that.

I was listening to the news tonight and was equally disgusted that it was really a list of all the misery we face in the world... death, destruction, pain, suffering, horrible things that some do to others...  Why is that the definition of "news?"

It really destroys your day, all this sadness.

I am continuing my work on my room... still a lot of papers to go through, but I have to take breaks and do something else. My meal choices are narrowing with the decreases in my food supplies.  :-)   I am getting "creative" and eating a lot of carbs because they seem the easiest to find... bread, rice, popcorn, etc.  Using up what I don't want to throw away is also part of the food challenge this week.  I added the last of my baked jalepenos to some rice I made today... It had bites of spicy hot, but not that bad.  Stir-fry is on the way to finish out the veggies I still have... probably more stir-fry than I want to think about.

I am beginning to think of veggies as "the meal" these days.  This is new.  It works fine.  Fills me up fine.  The transition into more veggies and fruits is moving along fine.  Now I have to get my portions reduced.  I think doing my peddler will help keep those hunger cravings down.  I hope so.

I am working on what I need when I shop for a week's food...  like, one avocado a week, something with beans each week,  probably six to eight fruit for some of the 14 planned servings a week, and then there is the veggie challenge... I am really not sure how much to buy to fill the need and not have so much left at the end of the week.  So I am making a basic list to go by... carrots (1 lb), onions, cauliflower, potatoes, squash, salad fixings like one form of lettuce/greens and just a few things to put in the salad, like bell pepper and mushrooms and ???  I really love my cream cheese, so I am thinking I will only buy two packages a week, at the most.

I'm not sure my calorie count is great, but it is getting better...

Time to get going...
I may enter posts at any time... not just Monday to Thursday... I am debating that with myself.

Until next time,
In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD find a single home for those kids who were so terribly violated by the two people they needed most to love them...may they stay together and have each other as they heal... for the rest of their lives.  May the mercy of our courts require this.  In the holy and merciful and loving Name of Jesus Christ, this is my prayer for them.  Amen.

17 January, 2018

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

My goodness... who knew you could do so much in one day...
I feel like I have hardly rested today... but I have.
I have sorted through so many piles of things I need to go through,
and have discarded a LOT of it.  I don't know how good I will be at that tomorrow...
I am moving into my business inspiration papers.
They are hard to let go of.
I decided to stop sorting for the night so I can start fresh in the morning.

It is hard to let these notes go into the recycling bin.
I hope to glean the most important and let the rest go,
to focus on "updating" again.

I definitely need your prayers for me.  :-)

I had some ice cream tonight !!  It was so good...
I had to stop myself from eating the whole pint!
Now I have some for tomorrow.

The days go by so fast. It seems like there is little done when I look at what is left to do.
I am finding lots of Christian inspiration in my piles.
It helps me to keep my life going in the right direction.
Trusting GOD is a challenge... but He never fails to keep His Word.
He didn't promise us a pain-free, trouble-free life.
He promised to walk through this life with us,
to lead us to His Plan for our life,
to keep His Word.

Keeping His Word is the big event.
It makes the Bible a different kind of book,
It makes GOD a different kind of God.
We want Him to focus on our lives,
our needs, our dreams, our comforts...
and He has to keep the big picture,
including the judgment of all of our sins.

It is really the big thing every Christian tries to figure out.
I think our relationship with all things GOD changes
once we figure out the world doesn't revolve around us.

Well... that's all for tonight.
I'm ready for some sleep!

I hope we meet again here tomorrow...
May GOD allow us that mercy, that blessing, that time.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

There are so many needs in our big, big world...
May we all have the right perspective of our place in things.
May we love ourselves, love others, give more than take,
bless more than curse, trust in those who deserve it and
be wary of strangers bringing gifts.
May this life become all we can make it...
with lots of wonderful memories and smiles and
joys and happiness... shared.

Thank you Lord for saving me.
I can't imagine life without You.

16 January, 2018

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Today was a short walk to the past... I was sorting through lots of old articles saved for their topic and information... lots of recycling today!!!!  :-)  It was hard to remember some of the details of what I discovered.  The Haiti quake, elections, homelessness, and lots of other things... too many to go through.  I am passing on as much as I can, for the generic inspiration they have in them.  I hope they bring someone a little more thought before they go to the waste pile.

I will be continuing this long process tomorrow, the next day, and for as long as I can stand to do it.  There are still boxes to go through.  It is a great feeling to finally get to it.  It's been on my "list" since moving.  It will help to clear out more space in my room.

I am finding the supplies for projects I have planned, too.  That is all getting sorted and put where I can find it easier, get it started or finished, and ready for whatever its life will become.  I may take some breaks to finally create some art or jewelry or ???  It is really a matter of getting the space cleared and organized to do the things I have been gathering supplies for.  Things that are easy to ship are the top priority.  Keep watching my Etsy shop, possibly my eBay store, and maybe my Fiverr site.

Finding one project to do with Fiverr has been a long goal.  I joined Fiverr with the hope of just selling something at $5... they turned into a creative site where that doesn't seem to fit anymore, so my thrill about them is gone, but I am still working on my goal to find the BEST thing I can do with their format... ONE thing to sell.  If my efforts get better, maybe I will go to two.  It takes a lot of time to create new things... I am looking for good things that duplicate easily.  Maybe even wholesaling some of my creations (like supplies, if I create something that will fit that requirement) at Etsy.

These are long goals right now, but in time they will be ongoing.

By the end of the month I should know where I am with all this.  Most of my sorting will be done and I will have the space, my supplies, and time to get something done.  God willing!

No TV today, mostly... I did go up to rest and eat popcorn for the News... then back to my room activities.
I didn't really turn the radio on, much, if I did.  I don't even remember it!
I get really involved in reading when I need to concentrate.

I do hope to start posting more photos... soon.
Not sure how much I want to share anymore...
I need to decide what is personal, what is business, what is worthy of sharing...
It is all a learning process.

This seems like the best of my blogs to keep going at a personal level, for the long-term.
I keep thinking about what I want it to become... and whether it will develop on its own as I age and keep "journaling."  I suppose it is like a journal, and I have been thinking about starting a yearly book (journal) of my day-to-day activities and thoughts.  It may cause me to change the direction of my public writing.  I don't really know.   Videos are on my mind, too.  If I get skinny again... that may just become the online choice for me.   :-)   We'll have to wait and get that figured out.

Time to go.
Keep checking back.
In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD watch over us as we seek His Will for our lives and His guidance for our decisions.
May life be better for those who are suffering.
May the world find a way to be kind to one another.
May our problems get solved, and the answers be really what we need them to be.

May the GOD I have prayed to for so long about WT and all the things that have been needed, finally have mercy on me and provide the finances and provisions to prepare good things for His People... and others. 

In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

15 January, 2018

Monday, 15 January 2018

Well, I suppose I should say something about MLK...
It is his designated holiday.
I always wonder about the "real" birthdays anymore.
I don't really know when his official birthday is...
today is a government convenience.

I have always admired his place in history,
and hated the events that are often associated with that battle.
When I see the films of police dogs attacking innocent marchers,
When I see the reports of bus explosions on documentaries,
When I think of little kids having to deal with the actions of adults that threaten them,
it just makes me ill.

In the years that have passed since his death,
there have been reports that he wasn't a perfect man...
imagine that.
His family continued for him... kept his dream alive, I guess.

I often wonder how GOD chooses the people He lifts up for leadership.
Moses, Daniel, David, Job, Noah, the Apostles, Zacheus, and all the ones I can't remember right now.
I don't see any of them were looking for a position of spiritual leadership.
Their relationship with GOD changed.
Their life changed.
They became His vehicles for achieving His Will for the world.

MLK became GOD's leader.
We see him, and how GOD used him to make the world better,
to make us better, to change a wrong into something better.

The problems of racism still exist... I think they always will.
But we have a better world, a better America, because he lived,
because he chose to be used by GOD in his time.

I discovered more of my ROKU options tonight...
there wasn't any good radio on, I didn't want to do my stuff in silence,
so I turned on the switch for my new "communications center" --
the place where I put the shared TV, computer, VHS, ROKU...
I decided to try some sermon shows, and wound up at Billy Graham TV.
This is good for me.  Better TV than secular options.
I should admit that I started with PBS but couldn't get it to work.  :-)  haha
This will give me some good things to do on my Sabbath night and day.

Today was a busy day of sorting the things in my room.
I really made a better "shipping area" in my closet.
The drawers of my four desk/tables are being organized for their particular uses.
It is getting to be useable.  I love it.

The future looks better...

May GOD help it to keep going in those directions,
fix the problems that still exist,
and provide for the rest of the things I still need.

Until next time,
In Christ,
Deborah Martin

11 January, 2018

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Hi, again...

Today doesn't seem like I did much, but
*  I now have a desk area, with changes to my computing space.
*  I found a place to put my erase-board calendar so I can keep checking off the days and remind myself that time is passing quickly!
*  I finished my December letters, started my January letters, and revised my list page that helps me to keep track of it.
*  I ate too much... and started making some experimental products on my to-do list.
*  ... can't remember what else I did...

I suppose it has been a good day.
What do you think?
Are we still worthwhile human beings if we don't conquer the world every single day?


In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May our values be equal to our humanity.  Amen.

10 January, 2018

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

I made it!
Some days seem to be harder than others, but here I am...

My New Year 2018 theme of EXERCISE (Making a Plan I can live with!) has begun with a strange flow.  I am getting to a reasonable option for my situation, but it is a process.  I think I will need to recover tomorrow as well.  I did walk to the local market, but that was still more than I needed for this week.

Getting old is a challenge.
More of a challenge than I expected.

Other than that, I am catching up and moving forward with my many lists of things to get done.

I still have four letters to write for December  :-)  -- slow to get done.  I sent my cards out as a December communication, but then started writing letters, so I have to finish the list.  January letters are also begun... so we will keep them going.  I found a great insert for January from one of the mission mailings I got.  February's "insert" will have to be on love, I suppose.  Who knows what I will find and share!

I am so happy to finally have gone to a store I wanted to get to since moving here almost (about 4 years ago!)... and I finally was able to buy the heat gun I want for some of my crafting projects.  Getting my room fixed is helping.  Finding the right storage options is really helping.  I hope I live long enough to make it productive!!!  I'm starting this week, I think.

Money is always the main issue.  So getting things is slow, but I do what I can along the way.  It's all beginning to work out.  God willing, it will continue to work out.

My Christmas lights are still in my window and they make me happy every time I look at them. 

I hope to find the small fridge I want by next month.  It is really needed.

How to reach our goals... I am thinking about that a lot these days... I have so many goals "in process" - with pieces done and more to get done.  I continue to pray for what I need, and look for GOD's answers.

I decided on two of my three main goals for 2018.  I may have my third one figured out, too.  I am working on the plans of how to do them first. 

1 ::  My exercise plan.
2 ::  Increase my income.   (This is a LOT harder than it seems!)
3 ::  is probably going to be catch up with my taxes and make sure it is all OK.  Money is such an issue in my life this is more of a difficult goal than it seems.  I don't owe much, but I need to get it taken care of.

After that... I have all my other goals to work on.   :-)  hahahaha

We change in small pieces.

I have been trying to reduce "animal protein" in my diet... which is so hard, cheese has always been such a large part of what I eat, and milk, and eggs, and chicken, and fish, and meats of various kinds... going away from "processed foods" is another part of that process of change for me...and it is also hard.  I'm focusing on REDUCING how much of these things I eat, not totally eliminating them... but that is still a need to NOT eat them. 

I'm trying to use honey more than sugar, especially in my coffee.

I stopped making milk and then I bought dry cereal, which requires milk.  I still have some dry milk to use, so I am making it ONE cup at a time, when I really need to have milk for something.  I am trying to decide what I want to do about this issue.  I bought raisin bran cereals to eat because of my senior status and wanting to eat more bran for fiber.  I wanted a change from oatmeal.  I also bought some Cream of Wheat for the same reason :: variety.

I even bought more peanut butter !!!   I just gave my last container of peanut butter to a mission because I hardly eat it.  Now I am trying to eat it as a protein source.  I do eat enough (too much, really) of various kinds of nuts already, but I wanted some peanut butter one night and didn't have it for toast or something.  How we change.  (Note:  One time when I was homeless, living in my van, and without a lot of things, I would eat the 2T of peanut butter that makes a protein serving as part of my diet.  I think that is what makes it hard to eat regularly these days.  I guess I like to get that protein in other forms now.)

I am trying to make other changes as I can. 

I have read that it is good to focus on one change at a time.  I see the wisdom in that.  It makes it easier.  I don't know if I can do that, but being kind to myself helps me when I don't want to do the thing I am trying to change... like not eat dairy.  Getting my consumption down to a low level appeals to me, but how much is "low" in real food terms.

This is my ongoing process right now... CHANGING some of the things in my life that are not where I want them to be... one day at a time, one meal at a time, one walk at a time... slowly... but keeping on.

This is my best right now.
It's good enough for me.

I hope to hear from you about how you are doing with your goals.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD help all of us to grow into the best person we can be.
May our hearts trust in His goodness, His Plan, His love for us.
May we be wise about the tricks of our Enemy, and keep our focus on GOD.
May life bring us happiness.
May time keep us holy, devoted, and strong.
May our goals be GOD's goals.

09 January, 2018

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

I think this blog has just changed into a non-scheduled effort...  :-)

I went shopping yesterday, and depleted my energy... totally forgot about writing and went to bed!  I was going to get up later, after I rested just a little (haha), but at 11pm - when I was awakened by "something" - I couldn't keep my eyes open so I let it go.  This is how it goes.  I may as well just let it go.  I think it will help all of us to just let this blog discover its own schedule.  :-)

Over the weekend, I think it was, I watched some more documentaries.  I decided to watch FOOD INC again... it really made me so ill about our food supplies and how little we can do to change it.  I cried again for the mother that lost her 2-year-old son to a fast-food burger...and found a new passion for life that she would rather not have.  I had to turn my head and close my eyes at the scenes of suffering and abused animals that are part of our food supply process.  I left the room at a part I remembered as too much to deal with emotionally.

I also watched one about how we value the truth and discard our values for rewards of various kinds.  It had a catch title --  (DIS)HONESTY : THE TRUTH ABOUT LIES.  It will make you think about your life and future in new ways.  I shared with my son that the biggest point they made was about our changing economy and the effects of a cash-less society on our moral values.  The basis of the film is the testing they did on college students, but the real-life effects of our moral choices are very displayed in the real people that become examples of the effects of our rationalizations about honesty... and what happens when we get caught.  :-(  

The third one I remember watching was about prisons... another topic of interest to me.  It was called BREAKING THE CYCLE, I think.  It shared the new efforts of Norway on maximum-security prison populations and how they are inspiring change in America.  The main comparisons were about a difficult prison in New York (Attica) and then they shared the efforts of inspired changes being made in a North Dakota prison. 

If you have read my other posts or writings, you will know I have my own ideas about reforming prisons.  Some of these things are shown in Norway, but the biggest financial change would be to link prisons to the opportunity of internet sales, via the administration of one website for all of America.  It would provide income for both inmates and prisons... and change the future of so many.  I don't want to get into the details right now... but maybe later today I will add a post about that.  My "Pathway to Freedom" concept and the income / job options of internet sales would revolutionize the prison industry and reform options.

I didn't win the big prizes in the lottery this past week, so I guess I will just keep sharing them and hope SOMEONE will think about doing them.

That's about all I can share right now.  Another day is starting.  :-)

God willing, I will be back later.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD watch over us as we grow into the future.
May He have mercy on us as we discover the damage life without Him brings.
May we find a way to help each other.
May we love the good, hate the bad, and let our humanity find its way through discovering our future.
May our world focus on fixing the problems we have.
May we recover from the harm greed does to our decisions.
May we care about those who have less than they need for their life, their families, their dreams.