21 September, 2017

21 September 2017

Thursday...  finally.

Fighting the battles of faith in an ungodly world brings so much pain with it...  we tend to expect GOD to make that hedge around us and prevent all pain from reaching us, but He doesn't.  We suffer for many reasons, some are because of our relationship with God, Jesus, and the Bible. 

I finished the last chapter in the book by Dr. Cho today... and it was about faith in our daily lives.

I guess this would be a good quote from that chapter...  "Whether I live or die, succeed or fail, increase or decrease I will do according to God's word."  It was sharing the idea that we follow God's directions to us, at a personal level, despite what the consequences may be to us...even though it is hard... sometimes when we don't understand.  The big key to this is knowing it is GOD speaking to you, and making sure the enemy isn't pretending to be GOD.

We live in an age that no one in the past could have imagined.  The power of the internet is beyond our ability to fully understand, and we are victims of what it can do to us and those we love.  In my own search for a way through these issues, I keep remembering that GOD warned us we would have to endure to the end... it seems a bit early for that prophecy, but the advice is pertinent to our situations now.  As the internet grows, as our ability to control it becomes more obvious, and as we begin to see the potential details of prophecy happening around us, our need to keep our focus on GOD and to endure the new kinds of suffering ahead of us will be very important.

I am a senior citizen.  I don't know how much longer I will be alive, and I don't know how many years we have as Christians until the Antichrist is revealed.  Instead of a rapture out of this world, I think we will have to die in our faith because of the global power the Antichrist will have... we will be leaving this Earth, but the way will be different.  The goal of Working Together is to make places for Christians to help each other until that time gets here. 

I received a comment from someone claiming to be a pasor in India.  I have been trying to decide what to do with this comment.  It doesn't interpret my goals for WT correctly, and posting it on the blog is not a solution.  It is one of many problems to deal with as I continue to work to establish Working Together in the midst of my own trials and tribulations.  It makes me see how the enemy seems to have more power than God... because this world is all we know, what we can see, where we suffer... but GOD is the one with a larger power, and the ability to make sure His Will is done even when Satan would like to thwart it.

In the chapter I read today, the example of Moses and the Red Sea was used.  How the people trembled at the thought of dying, how Moses was the only one who really understood the power of God, and how God speaks and does things.  I noticed in the scripture quoted that they would no longer see the Egyptians that were chasing after them, that God would fight for them... and what God did to fulfill that word.

"And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will show to you today: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen today, ye shall see them again no more for ever.  The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace."

GOD protected His people, and destroyed the Egyptian army.

I also noticed how God does these things... through natural sources, like the river.  When they put lambs blood over the doorposts, the angel of death passed them by.  When Pharaoh declared he would kill the firstborn of the Israelites, the firstborn of the Egyptians were killed.  In the Bible, these themes are repeated over and over again, including in the life of Christ.

Knowing this makes it hard for Christians to accept suffering and death in their lives, believing it to be judgment for something.  I guess this is also a theme of the Bible... why people were considered cursed when they suffered, etc.

I have been working through these mixed thoughts all my life.  I want to know, but there is no clear answer.  It is suffering that makes us seek God for the answers.

Today I also entered a post at a Christian group,  "Praying for God to intervene..." -- because I want to see a Red Sea open in my own life, and the Egyptians that plague me to be destroyed. 

How will GOD answer this prayer?  I don't know.

The sun was shining today, and that was good.  I did take some cold medicine to ward off the illness that is trying to get me.  :-)  I will know by the end of the weekend.  It takes about a week to get a cold, about a week of being sick with it, and then another week as it goes away...  I found this out when my kids were young.  It seemed to take so long for them to get better I worried about pneumonia and all kinds of things.  Naturally, I went to the doctor in the third week, when it was going away on its own!

This weekend I should be able to get some art and crafting done.  If I figure out how to post photos with my blogs, I may share some with you.  I think I need a real computer to do that.  I can post photos, but haven't been able to post a photo in the blog... like I use to do way back when.  I'm still searching for the path on that one.

This is a personal journaling-style blog... please try to remember that.  I will be posting separately to WT blogs about those issues.  I also have a separate Crafting blog for those activities.

Time to go.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD watch over the good people who love Him as the days pass by.
May He help us to see His path for us.
May our hearts be willing to do our tasks in the Body of Christ.
May the enemies we face be overcome.

20 September, 2017

20 September 2017

I made it this far... one more to go!  :-)

Today I opened the can of chalkboard paint for the first time... what an experience.  It was not thick and creamy like I thought it would be.  Must be the water clean-up that does that.  I had to pour a load on one of the things I was trying to turn into a chalkboard, but the air bubbles were a killer... on all of the things I tried to make.  By the end of the can I will have to figure out the best way to do chalkboard paint... or find out the best brand name.

I looked all day for the missing black cat, who is currently not very mobile -- not able to walk well, which I hadn't seen for days.  I called, and called, and called.  I wandered the whole yard while I called.  I worried.  I watched.  I wondered if it had died somewhere, all alone, in the rainy cold.  It was a horrible thought.  The cat suddenly appeared on the porch when my son came home... so I carried it, through the forbidden house (so I could get my shoes) to the back area, and its food/water and shelter space.  I hope it is still there.  I will check again tomorrow.

In a moment of rest, I decided to watch the VHS tape I bought last time I was at the thrift store... The Bells of St. Mary's ...with Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman.  Anyone remember them?  :-)  It was nice to see it.  Different than I remembered.  Later I noticed it was a "Special Edition," but I wasn't sure what that meant.  I did notice they left the "Under God" part of the Pledge of Allegiance off of the scene when the kids were shown saying it.  Made me wonder....

Today was a mixed day... getting things done, cleared off my work space/table, moved around some more.  So glad I didn't go shopping.  I would have regretted getting caught in those repeated down pours.

My life isn't that exciting, but it is life... I have heard that life is 90% boring stuff you have to do and 10% exciting stuff that the movies like to show at 100%...  I can see that.  I really want to share more details about my serious efforts, but that isn't rising to the top right now.  It seems to come in spurts, when the details move into those kinds of conversations.  I am getting into more of the answers I was seeking about my blogging.  I hope you will bear with me.

Today I checked on eBay selling and printed off a lot of details to review.  It's been awhile.  I end up going through this cycle over and over because I have to start over and over again.  I hope this time my efforts will begin to bear some fruit.  There isn't much time left for this holiday season.  I am working on it.  I guess checking things off my list helps me to get closer to those goals.

Tomorrow I will need to make a better list.

No news today.  I can check the weather on my mobile devices, but getting whole programs is a problem.  I'm looking for the best solutions for my situation.  There aren't many.

I noticed a post by Georgene Rice (KPDQ radio) today about the term "Gay Christian" and I was motivated to reply.  It's one of those gray statements.  Technically, someone could be a saved Christian doing battle with their chosen sin of participating in gay sexual activities, like those who commit adultery, pedophilia, fornication, and other sexual sins.  The difference is in attitude... in commitment to GOD and Christ... in knowing it is sin.  There is a movement in our day to say that you can be a committed Christian and still be a practicing homosexual, that it is not a sin.  That kind of definition is a problem.  It is just trying to justify something God has plainly called sin, an abominable sin.

Since these are the days of the world falling toward its destruction, and sexual sins are the primary sign of how close we are to that destruction, these word battles seem like something we have to expect.  There won't be a winner.  In prophecy, the sins that win are just paths to hell and the Lake of Fire.

I don't know what it will be like to live in this kind of a degrading world... even in the US.  I think Christians are going to have to create their own safe spaces, if that is possible, where they can be near each other to protect the group... kind of like Nehemiah on the wall... or like the Amish who have their own communities.  Jesus People have also created workable communities.  It isn't what we want, but what we have to do.

God needs to help us... financially, community-wise, governmentally, physically...  I hope He does something soon.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

In God We Trust... May He carry us into the future and protect us from our enemies.
May our things become the resources we need for the Body of Christ.
As we gather, help us to be wise about how to meet the larger needs of those nearest to us.
May our lives be joined in community as we learn to share individually.
Provide for these needs, Lord... help us to prepare a place of relative safety for our children, our grandchildren, and for our elderly.
Help us to save the places that honor you, our spiritual heritage, our fellowship... and become the safety net for Christians in the future.
As families die, as relationships fracture and are destroyed by the enemy, help us to love the strangers from the Body of Christ.
Help us to prepare, Lord... help us to make places of relative safety, comfort, recovery, unity, love, and joy... until you call us Home.

19 September, 2017

19 September 2017

Another rainy day, with a little bit of sunshine!  It is taking time to get use to the rain, and the changes it brings.  Instead of running out for a few minutes without a coat, I think of getting a cold and grab my warmest covering.  It isn't fun to get sick.

I did take the dogs out for a bit in the afternoon, and it was beautiful out... sunshine, no rain, nice.  I didn't want to come back in, and I don't think the dogs did either.

Right now I hear heavy drops falling outside.  I am trying to decide if I want to brave the wet weather and go shopping tomorrow to get some things on my lists.

Christian radio is on right now.  It is a program with a guy talking about marriage relationship issues.  I like the way he shares his wisdom, gleaned from years of learning through his own life.  I guess it is Focus on the Family, and the speaker is Bob Crane... they just told us all that information.

Marriage is not something I can witness about.  It wasn't really a part of my life.  It would have been nice to experience, but the Bible is right, if I would have married, everything else in my life would have been different. 

I finally ordered some business cards for myself associated with Working Together.  I tried Vistaprint.  I hope they turn out the way I think they will.  It isn't the final design I will have for WT, but it will do for today.  I am trying a membership drive in December, so I need something.  I'm not sure how to utilize them yet.  Once they get here, I will decide.

I moved things around in my room today, too.  Getting my computer and VHS player to a better spot, and listening to some of my Carleton Sheets tapes on buying real estate for no money down.  If I prepare for the day when GOD provides for me, then I will be able to use my money more wisely.

My art supplies got better organized in the process, too.  :-)  If I wasn't so tired, I would stay up and paint, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

There is still some finishing work to do on all the changes from today, but it is getting better each time I make the effort to find a better way.  My lists of things to get become more specific, and my budget is helped.

Some goals get done faster than others, too. 

Maybe I should say my goals are getting done faster than they were before, but still not fast enough for me.

What can we do when our lives are not our own?  We have to trust GOD for all the details.  That is what I do... every day... for many years. 

I hope to have more to share tomorrow.  I am getting a notebook created to keep notes for my blog posts, and Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest posts.  It will all become better as time and money and supplies merge to provide for it.  Business cards, online marketing, finding the right things to sell, updating my webpage and other accounts to see where I am and make it all connect... Finding peace and safety, making a place for other Christians to do the same... these are my prayers.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD provide what is needed.  Amen.

18 September, 2017

18 September 2017

So, what a weekend...  I kind of vegetated, watching TV and Netflix (documentaries) and free movies (Hidden Figures from HBO I think).  Is learning the same as vegetating?  I'm not sure.  I am still working on my Sabbath rest boundaries... everything I do seems to somehow apply to my various​ work involvements.  It's a challenge.

I have already posted some comments on my Facebook page for Fixing America about the documentaries I watched yesterday (Sugar Coated) and today (GMO OMG), but here is some of the list from my Sabbath effort to rest by watching the tv... I actually can't remember all of them.

Feel Rich (food/health documentary on hip-hop/rap culture.  I am not involved in either genre, so all the people were new to me, except I recognized a photo of Eminem  :-)  but the end of the movie showed a lot of their people who died young.  I guess I recognized Quincy Jones, too.  :-)   It was hard for me to watch some of it... I'm not into the profanity that is normal for some people.  I did like the healthy focus, and how we change.  I think this was the one talking about Meatless Mondays not being enough.  To me the challenge of Meatless Mondays is a starting point, a first step on the way to better health.  You have to glean what matters.)

Facing Darkness (so good, Christian film by Samaritan's Purse about ebola outbreak in Africa... I couldn't afford to see it in the theatres or buy the DVD, so when I saw it was on Netflix, I watched it right away.  EVERY Christian needs to see this... it shows how wonderful we are as people, missionaries, and organizations...  I was so glad I watched it.)

Banking on Bitcoin (documentary about the start of Bitcoin and some of it's problems... one of two I noticed.  I will have to watch the other one at a different time.  I am wondering about Bitcoin, especially if there is a global financial crisis.)

Cowspiracy  (documentary about animal agriculture's effect on global warming, but the host lost me - and the people he interviewed - when he took it into a vegan/meat eaters issue.  There was a lot of good detail, and the presentation was OK, but the bias changed the focus of the issue.  How our food supplies are raised and processed is a real issue, and needs some solutions.  I wish I could recall the parts that meant a lot to me, but watching too many documentaries at one time mixes all the details up.  I already plan to take notes the next time I binge watch!  :-)

Rancher Farmer Fisherman (a movie I found while looking through the free movie section.  Nice.  It looks into the livelihoods of three areas, with an emphasis on major players.  It helps you to see the desperate need we have to protect our existence from the greed of government... and shows how dependent we are on these food supplies.)

Hidden Figures (was another movie I couldn't see when it came out.  Loved it.  It was funny and sad to see our country behaving like it did, but it was also nice to see some "normal" black families... as opposed to criminals and drug involved or violent....  I hope more of the details were from real history than created for the dramatic effect movies need to have... it was based on real events.)

These all gave me a lot to think about, especially food issues.

Rain has begun in the Northwest.  I call it a warning from God that winter is coming, so get ready!  :-)   I had to get out my thermals and wore my warm coat for the first time in months.  I think I am fighting off a cold from the change in drafty spaces and cold air.  I have to decide how I can do my shopping in the rain again.

I saw some of the news today... about two more hurricanes coming to the US, and video of a terrible accident.  With all the cameras being put up for surveillance issues, we are able to see things we may not want to see... it brings the horrors of the world too close.  The need to be first, have the most alarming details, shock the world, be seen, get noticed, and more... it has changed our lives.  It will change the future even more.  I always think of Matrix when I think of this issue... how facial recognition and computer surveillance guarded every human being...and it's the same theme in lots of movies.  Computers, cameras, and time... they don't cost as much as human surveillance use to... and aren't always noticed.  I liked the film loop in the movie SPEED, too... showing that they can be manipulated, too.  It's a legal problem that hasn't been solved yet... how much to rely on computer-generated evidence.

In the battle between good and evil, GOD and Satan, love and hate, it is hard to endure the hardships the Bible tells us are part of being human, and are going to come into our lives, and we must find a way to overcome.  No one likes to hurt.  When we hurt, we try to make sure someone else hurts, too.  I have had to work through this myself.  I don't know if I will ever reach the status of being Christ-like, as we are suppose to become. 

The Bible says this world has been released into the hands of Satan, for a time.  That means we will suffer, even when we are good people, do good things, and don't deserve it.  There is no easy answer to what is wrong with our world and how to make it better.  Salvation creates better people, over time, but it doesn't solve every problem in humanity.

I have been praying about situations in my own life for a long time.  It is hard to see evil win small battles and think it has won the war.  It is hard not to be able to change the status quo.  It is hard to see your loved ones make wrong choices.  It is hard to endure the consequences of our mistakes, but it is even harder to endure when we haven't done anything to deserve our suffering. 

In this conflict between the forces of evil and our lives, we have to find a way through, regain our balance, and continue on. When I pray, I may not get the answer I want, but I know God is still busy with the details of our existence.  He is making prophecy come true, He is trying to save as many souls as possible, He is doing what is best for the bigger picture of existence.  I may suffer, the people I care about may suffer, and the cause is not always GOD.

I guess documentaries remind me that problems we face as humanity are consequences of the ongoing battles between good and evil, and our choices about which side we are on. 

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May GOD help us to see the impact of our choices.
May we find the courage to do what is right.
May our lives focus on God rather than money.
May our hopes be in having enough, not in having more than we need.
May our government not become our enemy.
May GOD provide for those who love Him and trust Him and sacrifice for Him.
May time help us to change.
May we find ways to rectify our wrong choices and the effects they have on others.
May freedom continue to exist in America, and the world.
May we face our global challenges with honesty and courage.
May life last long enough to reach our best goals.

14 September, 2017

14 September 2017

I was watching NBR and they had a segment on San Francisco wanting to tax robots because they take away jobs... desperate government... beware!  The people discussing the topic were also wondering how this would work... what would be next... how they can justify this approach.  I think we need to get rid of all taxes except ONE... and sales tax is the only one that would apply equally to all income levels.  TEN percent, maximum, forever.  The government would have to learn how to budget, and they wouldn't be able to bargain for votes... maybe... but it would also tie every decision they make to the health of the economy.

I write about this when I can... I'm sure it is somewhere in my blogs, and on Facebook, and on Twitter, and.... who knows where else.

Imagine no income taxes or property taxes or estate taxes or capital gains taxes or foreign taxes or lots of other taxes... many I don't even know about.  It would mean a seriously reduced government payroll... and office overhead... and policing.  I suppose the government would still be able to investigate businesses, but personal lives would be more free.  No reporting, the business would be linked to the government... no receipts, records, etc.  No need for tax incentives, subsidies, limits on your retirement accounts, sudden incomes, expenses, dependents, and....  You pay your tax bill when you buy something, it gets adjusted when you return something, the government shares the collected funds equally (federal, state, county) and international costs get their own 1%.  Everyone pays the same amount... no more fighting over loopholes, rich and poor, middle class, etc.

I get more convinced it is the best future for America (and everyone else, eventually) every time I think about it.

Rain is coming this weekend and staying for awhile!  Today I started cleaning up all my piles of yard debris by different areas.  What a big job, tiring, and more than I expected... but, I am going to do as much as I can before the rain gets here.  It will be nice to see what it does for the plant life, and if we still have a small river passing through our yard still... :-)  The groundwater here is something I have never seen before in my entire life.  I'm waiting to see what it does this winter.

Part of the area I am cleaning out is a path where the water is suppose to go... pre-sewers, it runs in gullies, downhill, in large and small amounts that depend on the rain.  The area has well water, so when I first saw how much water came above ground, I thought it must be from a full well.  I know nothing about these things... no real details, just big picture concepts from city life.

I think we need to make this problem work for us... make little pools of water for the gardens and animals, create electricity from water wheels or something like that, maybe a water-feature for the beautiful effect it has.  :-)  I love water features.

Last winter the chicken cage was in a spot away from the broken pipe area in the yard, which was blamed for everything involving water.  The poor chicken had clean feet even when it didn't want them... I never saw a chicken with feet like that... and when I had to pick it up for some reason, it was so strange.  The chicken space has moved now, so I am wondering how they will do this winter.

The weekend is near.  There's a list of things to do.  I'm working on how to get it all done.

My FIMO projects are coming along.  I have been filing them down and they are beginning to look really good.  I am getting excited.  Once I have the process figured out, it will be easier to get them done, faster.  I will spend more time on pre-bake details so I don't have to fix the designs after baking.

My salt dough efforts are beginning to figured out.  I see painting as one of the issues for these possible products.  I may tackle that this weekend... maybe.

I want to mail an auction donation to OREGON RIGHT TO LIFE for their annual auction, and that has to be done soon.  I am trying to get something finished and mailed to them by the 20th or 21st.  I am not sure I will make it, but I am trying to see what I can make that would be good for their auction, within my meager talents, developing skills, and limited supplies.  :-)   I can do this!

Well, the terror of the hurricanes is leaving our attention span and other tragedies are replacing it... another school shooting, government debt ceilings and walls around our borders, elderly people dying needlessly while being housed across the street from a hospital... that's all I can remember right now.

You have heard a goldfish has a longer attention span than we do... sad, don't you think?!  Sesame Street has been blamed for that pathway.  Now it is technology... or maybe technology just encourages it.

I read my book one chapter at a time... as a daily goal... do you think that counts as a short attention span?

Time to go.
Enjoy your weekend.
Spend time with your loved ones.
Give to as many needs as you can afford to give to.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May God bless our efforts to care for each other.
May life be good to us, and may we be good because of it.
Help the world to slow down, to enjoy the people that matter.
May our goals be God's goals for us.

13 September, 2017

13 September 2017

Hello on Wednesday!

I almost went to bed without doing my post... I had a busy day and got carried away with my yardwork challenge.  I will probably be too sore to move much tomorrow.

I am busy with the same things every day... all my ongoing goals and daily duties...  A boring life to some.  I do hope to make it a little bit better by next year, and expand my lists of things to do in 2018.

I was inspired recently to try again to sell my digital product at Etsy.  I currently have just one item, my writing called "Servants." but it is a good item for the Christian household, as daily inspiration and reminder or as a gift item. 

The big problem with digital sales is that they are hard to monitor once they leave you.  I remember my teen years had people sharing audio tapes of the things they loved, then disks were copied and shared, and now we have file sharing.  The issue still exists, but the methods have changed.

In trying to solve this problem for myself, I decided that someone who wanted to give the file as a gift could purchase a separate file for each person on their list.  That would make it an honest transaction... no guilt, no fear, no problems.  The file contents can be printed, framed for giving, and then shared with the intended recipient.  Later you can send them their file copy.

I have been thinking of this for some time, but not sure what is already in place.  Once I get the funds to work this out on my own website, it would be a great sales option.  Until then, I am trusting my customers to do what is right -- especially the intended audience of Christians.

Sound good?
I think so.
I just need to make my first million to implement all my plans !!  :-)

I may use this sales effort as a practice run for my first social media membership drive for Working Together this December... well, my first real effort, with outreach advertising.  I hope this works out this time.  I will be updating my website with PayPal sales links... and working out the final details by then.

I have to go now.
Talk to you tomorrow, GOD willing.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

May we all see tomorrow.
May we find the answers we need.
May GOD provide for our efforts.
Thank you, Lord, for all your blessings.
Watch over all the people who are suffering right now.
Bring them speedy recoveries... help them to make it through each day...
Touch their lives in a special way so they know you love them.

12 September, 2017

12 September 2017

Today I have been trying to imagine living weeks without power...
I heard some news about the hurricane damages and recovery efforts
and some people may not have power for weeks, or longer!

I was remembering my few hours without electricity in a house without alternative options.
I was remembering my meals in my van as a homeless person.
I heard on the news that people are getting tired of crackers and peanut butter.

I am trying to create an emergency supply of things for different needs,
hoping to last a little while, depending on what emergency hits.

We might have earthquakes here.
Some places flood.
Fire is always a danger no matter where you are.
I'm not sure what other natural disasters might happen,
but economic disasters are always an issue when you are poor.

How to live without electricity... that is a really hard challenge.

Candles would have to serve as light,
and fireplaces,
and flashlights as long as you have batteries.
Some have oil lamps, lanterns, kerosene lamps, and things like that.
I have used my open cell phone for a light source,
but that would be for great needs as it would drain my battery.
I remember how dark it was without any options for light.
We forget how vulnerable it makes us.
How it limits the things we can do.
It makes us remember the people who lived before electricity...
they pretty much slept according to the sun's light.

When I heard the comment on peanut butter I laughed.
Yes, that would be one food option that wouldn't spoil without electricity.
I use dry milk, so that would allow me to eat things like dry cereal.
You can make just one cup of dry milk at a time.
You would need water to be able to make it.

Water was mentioned so many times.
It seems to be the first supply that everyone wants.
No one stores enough water for their families...
it would take so much space!
I use to fill my empty milk gallons with water and store it under my sink,
when I had my kids, when they were young.
I use a few of the big juice containers these days...
just to have some available.
I also bought some packaged water when I started this quest to prepare.
I need more.

Life is very different without all the communication devices we rely on without thinking.
When I was living in my van, it didn't seem to matter.
The news was always bad, always so much suffering,
and I had to find a way to survive.
One of the missions in Portland had a morning room with a TV
so homeless people could see what was happening at that time.
I guess the library would be the only other source,
with the free computer access,
but who watches the news when you only have 15 minutes of public access !?
Not me.
I guess we would find out from each other...
neighbors, maybe... anyone willing to talk to us, maybe...
I hope to buy one of those cranking radios someday...
they are suppose to be great for emergencies.
I am thinking of a walkie-talkie set, too.  :-)
That would be fun to try out, even now... without an emergency.

After water, food is a big need.
I could do with a little weight loss, so a short period of suffering might be ok,
but I don't know how my health would do without food.
No refrigeration...
No cooking...
No stores...
I use to have to buy meals one at a time as a homeless person.
It is very expensive... especially when you aren't near a regular, low-cost, grocery store.
I remember I had to pick a fruit from the produce section,
maybe some cheese and/or a sandwich meat package,
a tuna pouch would work,
something to drink, like juice or milk,
and sometimes I would use ramen noodles soaked in water
to make a pasta salad.
Of course, this would only be possible after the stores had power.
I discovered cooking over tea lights when I lived in my van.
I had one special bowl that I could heat stuff in.
I used five tea lights to make a stove...
in a small round pyrex dish with a small round metal grate-like thing over it.
It was quite the accomplishment... it allowed me to have warm/hot food.
Now my goal is to get one of those propane can stoves I have seen.

Peanut butter... not my most favorite food.
When I didn't have anything else,
I would make myself eat 2 tablespoons of it as my meat source,
my protein.
I like to eat real peanuts instead of peanut butter.

No money in an emergency is so hard.
Poverty doesn't allow you to have extra funds for things like that.
I guess we just suffer without the things we can't buy.
These days I am still working on Baby Step One
of the Dave Ramsey program.  (daveramsey.com)
It is to save $500 to $1000 as your initial emergency fund
to help you survive until you get to the main back-up fund.
Anything is better than nothing.
I have mentioned before (somewhere)
that I tried every month to save just $25,
but something drastic always happened.
I wonder if I would be able to achieve that goal now...
I don't know.
I am now trying to decide how much to save for things like that.
Is $20 enough?
Should it be in ones and fives?
You can't use a debit card when there isn't a machine to process it,
or can you?

I wondered about electric transit in situations like disaster recovery.
I travel by public transit.
Busses would eventually be running,
but until they do, there's not much you can do.
Here we have electric transit.
It's the main source for getting around.

Living without electricity for weeks would be tough.
I hope I don't ever have to do it.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

Lord, help those people who have to endure so much as they recover their lives.
Bless the poor, bring them comfort, lead them to better place, use this tragedy to make their lives better.
Help us all to be patient with each other in the midst of so much hardship.  I heard that many people are getting tired of this event... cover our hearts and minds with your wings and help us to rely on you... keep us calm, and patient, and loving.
Lift up the needs of the poor and the elderly and the ill... bring the best people to help them.
Protect the innocent from those who take advantage of situations like this.  Judge the evil, have mercy on the desperate, and guide us all through our suffering, our needs, our recovery.
Bless America.
Help us to see your Hand in our lives.
Make us better people because of this.