04 July, 2024

Where is America going?


There are fireworks going outside.  The neighbors do their own.  I haven't done anything with fireworks since my kids grew up.  

The 4th of July is now about America to me.  Our nation.  What is happening to it.  How it has changed over my lifetime.

I used to think everyone wanted to be an American.  Then I realized that everyone loves their country, they just don't like their government.  I think that is happening to America now.    

I suppose this is part of getting old... or seeing prophecy become reality.  I'm not sure what happened.  I know that our government has changed.  It is becoming more about mandates and control.  Of course, I didn't really pay attention to everything the government was doing.  Now that I have discovered some serious topics and the part the government played in those topics, my respect for our national leaders has become jaded (I think that is the right word.) - less trusting.

I learned a lot about government through my years of poverty and Welfare.  

Other issues happened after I was alone, no longer a mother, and had more time to even think about things.

I have been watching more YouTube videos about poverty, housing, and economic issues.  My feed seems to bring up a lot of videos from Australia, some from the UK, and others from all over the US.  It lets me see that these problems exist all over the world.  

When you are the one that is suffering, it seems like the place where you are is the only place in the world something exists.  People in the UK feel the pains of struggling to survive as much as the people in Australia.  We haven't had the ability to know about each other's lives before.  The internet is changing this.  YouTube is changing this.  

I really don't know where America is heading.  I hope it will survive, but there are no guarantees.  The world government we are heading into has the entire North American continent as one region.  I am wondering if our Constitution will matter when that time comes.  All these issues that reach the Supreme Court may not even exist in a world government.  We will all be ruled by the global format.

Immigration will not be an issue if we are all one region.  No borders.  One economic ruling force.  Will we need a wall then?  It is a strange thought.  What will a one-world government look like?

Everything America has stood for, in its best sense, is very great.  I hate to think of it going away.  I am glad I was born an American.  I love my country's historical meaning.  Freedom is a wonderful thing to have.  Morality is why America became so great.  Biblical morality.  And GOD's protection for our faith in Him.

We don't have that protection anymore.  Maybe that is why we are facing so many difficult problems now.  I have often thought about that question of GOD's protection.  We expect Him to keep us from harm, but there is a two-way relationship with that promise.  We haven't done our part.  

People in the church want us to have a revival.  It would help, but it won't solve all our problems.  

Atheists want GOD to be dropped from all things, eliminated.  I don't think they have considered what the world will be like without godly people.

Most people don't want to give up their sin.

I don't think we will be able to solve this part of our problems.

Let's pray hard to try to change GOD's mind.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


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