19 August, 2023

When I spend more than I planned to...

I went shopping yesterday.

I had a list.  I had a budget.  Then I "siezed the opportunity" to get things I needed or wanted or that had been on my "list" a long time.  And I had my "treat" meal for lunch.  Now I have to recover my budget.

It was fun!  I hardly ever spend money like that, but it seems to happen every now and then.  I don't really regret doing this, but it does require some recovery efforts.

I am hoping to make some online sales from the money I spent, which makes it an investment in my future.

Right now, though, I am working on my income goals and strategies.  I have my goal statements for the year now.  I am trying to build up my Etsy sales, increase my Patreon supporters, my check some items off my Bucket List.  I need MONEY!!!  I think all of this kind of builds up and then I go shopping with money available to spend.  :-) 

I could have spent more than I did, and that would have been a very serious problem.

Christmas is coming and I need to get some items made to sell in the season.  Every year I try to do this, and every year I seem to fail.  I hope to change that this year.

With my new venture into creating and selling artworks, This year may be different.  I can create lots of items to sell online, especially with some of the new tools and supplies I bought yesterday.

So, did I really commit a financial crime?  I don't know.  It depends on what happens now.  Once I get my items done, listed online somewhere, and sold, it may prove to be the best year yet.

I have always lamented that GOD has not provided what I seriously expected Him to provide.  Keeping my efforts within a boundary I can deal with has been the core issue.  There have been so many times GOD could have blessed my finances and efforts to build my income and Working Together's.  At this point, I am not sure what to expect.  

I still have LARGE goals, dreams, hopes... and still wait for GOD to bless my efforts.  

I really wanted to win those BILLION dollar lotteries.  I could have spent it really good.  :-)  I have been waiting all my adult life (mostly) to spend money on Working Together, Christians, and people in great need.  I have a lot of plans that just need money.  (Like everyone else, including every church or ministry.)  I still look to GOD to provide for them somehow.

I guess all we can do is keep going, keep trying, keep praying, keep hoping...  We are GOD's servants and His Plan is all that matters, even if we don't understand it.  

I am sure GOD has reasons for what He does and doesn't do.

Keep your faith in GOD, He will provide what we need to accomplish HIS Will.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


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